Ovatoryctocara granulata is a species of corynexochid trilobite from the Cambrian. Its first appearance is one of the proposals for the base of Wuliuan (The other proposal havign beenOryctocephalus indicus).[1] The species was first formally described by the Russian paleontologist N.Ye. Tchernysheva in 1962.[2]

Ovatoryctocara granulata
Temporal range: Wuliuan
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Trilobita
Order: Corynexochida
Family: Oryctocephalidae
Genus: Ovatoryctocara
O. granulata
Binomial name
Ovatoryctocara granulata
Tchernysheva, 1962

Ovatoryctocara granulata appears close to the base of the Ovatoryctocara trilobite zone and can be found up to the Kounamkites zone.[2]


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