Out Cold (1989 film)

Out Cold is a 1989 thriller comedy, directed by Malcolm Mowbray (who made 1984's A Private Function), and stars Teri Garr, Randy Quaid and John Lithgow.

Out Cold
Out Cold lithgow garr poster.jpg
Directed byMalcolm Mowbray
Produced byGeorge G. Braunstein
Ron Hamady
Written byLeonard Glasser
George Malko
Music byMichel Colombier
CinematographyTony Pierce-Roberts
Edited byDennis M. Hill
Distributed byHemdale Film Corporation
Release date
  • March 3, 1989 (1989-03-03)
Running time
91 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$294,266[1]


The film is set in and around San Pedro, Los Angeles, California - 'the Edward Hopper streets and storefronts create a world where the script plays itself out in all its linear precision.'[2] Sunny, (Teri Garr), hires a private detective, (Randy Quaid) to trail her husband Ernie, (Bruce McGill), whom she believes is lavishing time and money on other women. She wants all the details so she can clean him out in a divorce action. But she is impatient, and kills Ernie, taking a chance to make his business partner, Dave (John Lithgow), think he did it. Ernie and Dave worked as butchers in the Army and when they got out they ran a butcher's shop together. Dave has always been in love with Sunny - now he is convinced he has killed Ernie by accidentally locking him in a freezer. Lester Atlas, the private detective, thinks he has pictures of Ernie's lover visiting him at the shop but has actually photographed Sunny on the night she killed him.


The film was reviewed, favourably, by the eminent critic Pauline Kael in her final collection of movie reviews, Movie Love. "Teri Garr plays her role with a savage, twinkling joy. Why doesn't her skill get more recognition? This small, disingenuous comedy has been buffed to shine like a jewel; the smoothness of it keeps you giggling."


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