OpenBSD Journal

The OpenBSD Journal is an online newspaper dedicated to coverage of OpenBSD software and related events.

OpenBSD Journal
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Type of site
Online newspaper
Available inEnglish
OwnerPaul de Weerd
Created byDaniel Hartmeier
Launched9 April 2004; 16 years ago (2004-04-09)
Current statusOnline
Content license
All rights reserved


The OpenBSD Journal was founded in 2000 and operated until 1 April 2004 at On 1 April 2004 the editors James Phillips and Jose Nazario announced that the site ceased its operation.[1] Daniel Hartmeier backed up the contents of the journal in order to preserve them.[2] Further investigation to the articles' structure lead to creation of CGI-based engine that would enable access to the's content on a backup server. Consequently, the functionality of adding new articles was implemented and the previous editors allowed to re-publish articles. The OpenBSD Journal was therefore reintroduced at on 9 April 2004.[3]

The role in OpenBSD communityEdit

The OpenBSD Journal is widely recognized as a reliable source of OpenBSD-related information.[2][4][5] It is a primary reporter for such events as Hackathons. The site also hosts the OpenBSD developers' blogs.


The current editors of OpenBSD Journal are:[3]

  • Janne Johansson
  • Peter Hessler
  • Peter N. M. Hansteen
  • tj
  • grey
  • Nayden Markatchev
  • Ross Richardson


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