Omsk Engine Design Bureau

The Omsk Engine Design Bureau (along OMO named after Baranov) is an aero engine design bureau. It was originally situated in Moscow in the Soviet Union, but was evacuated in 1941. Operations were moved to a "site of farm machinery" .[2] The Bureau returned to Moscow and became independent on 5 July 1947 and was renamed "OKB-20" . The bureau absorbed OKB-29 in 1963 and in 1966 was renamed Mashinostoitel'noe KB (MKB). Since 1994, it has been known as Omskoe mashinstroitel'noe KB (or OMKB) .

Omsk Engine Design Bureau
TypeJoint-stock company
Founded15 October 1956; 64 years ago (1956-10-15)
ParentNPO Saturn[1]

Although it has had many chief designers and directors, many of the engines from this bureau are known by the name Glushenkov, named for V.A. Glushenkov, a designer from 1963.[3]

In soviet times some engineers from OMKB and OMO Baranov Polyot left to Zaporozhe Ivchenko Progress (Motor Sich) to product helicopter engines turboshaft , turboprops turbojet turbofans , some gas turbines , part of forced soviet decentralization and part due to medals achievements , engines dimensions and related rewarding , here larger Aircraft engines where endorsed (rather than smaller turbojets turbofan , turboprop or helicopter turboshafts).[4]


  • Turboshafts , Turbojets Turboprop , Turbofan , Gas Turbines
  • 36MT (TRDD-50) , R95 , 37- turbofan for missiles and UAV UCAV use .
ob 37-04 (TRDD-50B) Kh-59 MK2
  • TVD-10 , TVD-20
  • AL-21F-3T
  • VK-2500
  • TV7-117ST , TV3-117VMA-SBM1
  • TV1 , TV2 , TV3-117 , AI- Lot D-
  • GTD-20 20S(AL-21F-3)
(capable of building SaM-146 PS90A D30 PD14 D436 AI222(25) RD-33MK engines , TV7-117 class)
various APU, reducers, gears


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