Oliver Pötzsch

Oliver Pötzsch (born 1970) is a German author of popular fiction noted for being among the first writers to achieve bestselling status by publishing e-books.[1][2][3]

Pötzsch was born on December 20, 1970 in Munich. His mother was an elementary school teacher.

His works include The Hangman's Daughter (Die Henkerstochter), the first book in the series of the same name.[2]


The Hangman's Daughter seriesEdit

  • The Hangman's Daughter (2008, German: Die Henkerstochter)
  • The Dark Monk (2009, German: Die Henkerstochter und der schwarze Mönch)
  • The Beggar King (2010, German: Die Henkerstochter und der König der Bettler)
  • The Poisoned Pilgrim (2012, German: Der Hexer und die Henkerstochter)
  • The Werewolf of Bamburg (2014, German: Die Henkerstochter und der Teufel von Bamberg)
  • The Play of Death (2016, German: Die Henkerstochter und das Spiel des Todes)
  • The Council of Twelve (2018, German: Der Rat der Zwölf)

Other worksEdit

  • Die Ludwig-Verschwörung (2011)
  • Die Burg der Könige (2013)
  • Ritter Kuno Kettenstrumpf (2014)
  • Ritter Kuno Kettenstrumpf und die geheimnisvolle Flaschenpost (2015)
  • Die Schwarzen Musketiere − Das Buch der Nacht (2015)
  • Die Schwarzen Musketiere − Das Schwert der Macht (2016)


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