Ohm (symbol Ω) is a unit of electrical resistance named after Georg Ohm.

Ohm or OHM may also refer to:



  • Georg Ohm (1789–1854), German physicist and namesake of the term ohm
  • Germán Ohm (born 1936), Mexican boxer
  • Jörg Ohm (born 1944), former East German football player
  • Martin Ohm (1792–1872), German mathematician
  • Rebecca Ohm, United States Air Force officer and fighter pilot
  • Rune Ohm (born 1980), Danish handball player
  • Thorsten Ohm, CEO of VDM Publishing


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  • Acoustic ohm, a unit of measurement of acoustic impedance
  • Ohm's law, law that relates electrical resistance, current, and voltage

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