The Odum School of Ecology is a school within the University of Georgia and the successor of the UGA Institute of Ecology. It is named after Eugene Odum, renowned UGA biologist, the father of ecosystem ecology, and the founder of the Institute.[2]

Odum School of Ecology
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DeanJohn Gittleman
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It was started in 1961 as the Institute of Radiation Ecology, a research institute of faculty across various departments of the University. In 1993 the Institute (having dropped "radiation" from its name) assumed the status of a school within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Environment & Design (CED) was formed in 2001 by joining the School of Environmental Design and the Institute of Ecology. Six years later, on July 1, 2007, the Institute split from CED and was renamed as the Odum School in honor of its founder, Eugene Odum.[1][3][4]

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The following undergraduate degrees are offered by the Odum School:

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  • Conservation Ecology
  • Environmental Ethics


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