Ocacia is an international smooth jazz studio and performance group. Ocacia is known for their socially conscious lyrics. The music is characterized by some as "escapist" in the usage of space, chords and ethnic overtones. The chord structure has an absences of "thirds" and is similar to other African Diaspora and African classical music by its “drum and bass” dominance. Not all the music fits into the smooth jazz canon, as some of it is more in the film score world. Their first album was released in 1999. The original members of the group were Owen 'Alik Shahadah (Piano/keyboards), Natasha Odlum-Shahadah (voice), David Hadley (Bass), Brian McCooke (drums). In 2002, Natasha Odlum left the group and Nadia Kanouche became the new lead feature vocalist. Ocacia works as a studio group composing soundtracks and is also known to work with other artists such as Sona Jobarteh and M.K. Asante Jr.

OriginLondon, UK/Caribbean
Genressmooth jazz
Years active1999–present
MembersNadia Kanouche
Alik Shahadah
Brian McCooke
Sona Maya Jobarteh
Past membersNatasha Odlum
David Hadley

The name Ocacia is an African name derived from acacia.

Selected track listEdit

  • If I...
  • Tear for the World
  • Crossing the Teneire
  • Netsante
  • Give me the day
  • Come into the sunshine
  • Absent Sun



Title Release Remarks
Other Side of the Moon 1999 Souljazzfunk
Music of the Diaspora 2006 Souljazzfunk

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