NovaLogic, Inc. was a software developer and publisher established in 1985 and based in Calabasas, California. The company was founded by CEO John A. Garcia.[1] Garcia's background in computer software started in Southern California in the early 1980s, when he worked at DataSoft. In October 2016, NovaLogic assets were bought out by THQ Nordic and is currently an inactive label for the company.[2]

NovaLogic, Inc.
IndustryVideo game industry
FateLabel and intellectual properties acquired and integrated into THQ Nordic.
SuccessorTHQ Nordic
FoundedAugust 7, 1985; 34 years ago (1985-08-07) in Calabasas, California
FounderJohn A. Garcia
DefunctOctober 2016; 3 years ago (2016-10)
Area served
ProductsComanche series
Delta Force series


Originally, NovaLogic worked on new versions of previously published games. Taito America was a major client of the company and most (if not all) of Novalogic's earliest games were PC conversions of Taito arcade games.

The cancelled Philips CD-i sequel to Super Mario World, Super Mario's Wacky Worlds, was in development by NovaLogic.

In 1994, NovaLogic set up its European office in London, England.[3] This office has subsequently been closed down.

Three years later, NovaLogic first launched its free online matchmaking service, NovaWorld. This service allows for large online battles and stat tracking.[1] After publishing several successful military-themed games, the company started NovaLogic Systems, Inc. (NLS) on February 13, 1996, which made training simulations for the US Army.[1]

The company's 2004 launch of Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising claimed to have set a world record for the largest FPS game,[4][5] which was quickly refuted by Sony Online Entertainment for its game Planetside,[6] which routinely hosted hundreds of players on a single server. Novalogic then changed its claim to the "largest FPS without a subscription fee", which fans of the venerable World War II Online quickly noted also was inaccurate.[7] Ultimately the company settled for the title of largest "modern combat" FPS without a subscription.[8]

One year later, NovaLogic's Delta Force: Black Hawk Down for the Xbox, developed by Climax Group, allowed up to 50 players in a multiplayer game, breaking the record for the largest console multiplayer battles at the time.[9] That same year, Novalogic was fined $153,500 by the Business Software Alliance after an audit found they had unlicensed copies of software by Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, FileMaker, Macromedia, Microsoft and Symantec.[10]

In 2008, publisher MTR Soft had displayed information about NovaLogic's upcoming title Delta Force: Angel Falls (although still not announced by NovaLogic itself). In December 2008, NovaLogic announced they have cut ties with MTR Soft, due to MTR using the license to gain additional funds.[11] Also in 2008, NovaLogic released an alpha build of the new NovaWorld 2.0 featuring much better in performance and features. In early 2009, NovaLogic released Delta Force 10th Anniversary Collection (a compilation of all the official Delta Force games, user guides and the CD soundtrack from Delta Force: Black Hawk Down). On June 2, 2009 Delta Force: Xtreme 2 was released simultaneously at retail and online via digital download. Then on August 18, 2009, Joint Operations: Combined Arms Gold was released as a compilation of Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and Joint Operations: Escalation which also included concept art, the soundtrack and more.

On October 31, 2016, it was announced that the game developer and publisher THQ Nordic had acquired all of NovaLogic's assets, while buying out Electronic Arts' minority stake.[12][13]



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