The Northlander was a passenger train operated by the Ontario Northland Railway in Ontario, Canada.

Northlander at Englehart 2008 12 21.jpg
Northlander at Englehart railway station
TypeInter-city rail
SystemOntario Northland Railway
LocaleOntario, Canada
TerminiToronto Union Station
ClosedSeptember 28, 2012
Operator(s)Ontario Northland Railway
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Route map
10:45 Cochrane
9:50 Matheson
9:05 Swastika
8:25 Englehart
7:55 New Liskeard
7:40 Cobalt
6:55 Temagami
5:10 North Bay
3:55 South River
3:00 Huntsville
2:25 Bracebridge
2:10 Gravenhurst
1:45 Washago VIA Rail Canada simplified.svg
0:00 Toronto GO Transit logo.svg VIA Rail Canada simplified.svg Amtrak

The Northlander operated six days per week year-round in both directions and connected Cochrane with Toronto. The train typically consisted of one engine, an auxiliary power unit, two coaches and a cafeteria lounge car. It ran on ONR tracks from Cochrane to North Bay and on CN tracks south of North Bay to Toronto.

In March 2012, the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission announced plans to discontinue the Northlander and replace it with bus service (Routes 1 and 2).[1] The final train ran on September 28, 2012.[2] To push for the service's restoration, an advocacy group called All Aboard Northern Ontario was formed in October 2017.[3]


The Northlander made scheduled stops at the following stations:

↓↓↓↓ CITY / TOWN ↑↑↑↑ NOTES
08:40 DP Toronto (Union Station) AR 19:15 Connections to Via Rail, GO Transit & Amtrak
10:25 Washago 16:30 Connections to Via Rail's The Canadian
10:50 Gravenhurst 16:10
11:05 Bracebridge 15:55
11:40 Huntsville 15:30
12:35 South River 14:40 Connections to Via Rail's The Canadian
13:50 AR North Bay DP 13:35 Connections to Greyhound Canada and other intercity bus operators. Currently northern terminus of Dream Catcher Express
14:05 DP North Bay AR 13:25
15:35 Temagami 11:50 Currently southern terminus of Dream Catcher Express
16:20 Cobalt 11:05
16:35 New Liskeard 10:50 Ontario Northland bus stop until 2016
17:05 Englehart 10:20 ONR storage facility and repair shops
17:45 Swastika 09:40 Ontario Northland bus stop
18:30 Matheson 08:55 Transfer point for bus service to Timmins and South Porcupine, Ontario
18:55 Porquis Junction 08:20
19:25 AR Cochrane DP 08:00 Connections to Polar Bear Express to Moosonee, Ontario (as southern terminus)
Temagami railway station
Cochrane railway station

Former stationsEdit

  • Service to Barrie and Orillia Ontario ended in 1992 when the Northlander was rerouted to the Bala subdivision before that section of the Newmarket subdivision was abandoned and removed by the Canadian National Railway in 1996.


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