Nickerie District

Nickerie is a district of Suriname, on the north-west coast. Nickerie's capital city is Nieuw-Nickerie, the second largest city in the country. Other towns include Washabo and Wageningen. The district borders the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Surinamese district of Coronie to the east, the Surinamese district of Sipaliwini to the south and Guyana to the west.

Nickerie rijstveld.jpg
Map of Suriname showing Nickerie district
Map of Suriname showing Nickerie district
Coordinates: 5°46′N 56°52′W / 5.767°N 56.867°W / 5.767; -56.867
 • Total5,353 km2 (2,067 sq mi)
 (2012 census)
 • Total34,233
 • Density6.4/km2 (17/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)

Nickerie has a population of 36.639 (2004) and an area of 5,353 km².

Relations between Suriname and neighbouring Guyana have always been tense, and border disputes in the south of the country (with occasional sporadic fighting) mean that ports of entry to Guyana from Suriname are few. However, there is a ferry that sails between Molson Creek in Guyana and the district of Nickerie. Nickerie's population includes East Indian, Javanese, Afro-Surinamese, Chinese, and Portuguese people.

Bananas and rice are the main crops grown in Nickerie.


Resorts of Nickerie

Nickerie is divided into 5 resorts (ressorten):

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Coordinates: 5°46′02″N 56°52′13″W / 5.76722°N 56.87028°W / 5.76722; -56.87028