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Next INpact (formerly PC INpact) is a French blog focusing on computers and new technologies, as well as subjects related to information technology. It is managed as a SARL by INpact MediaGroup.

Next INpact
Type of site
Technology news
Available inFrench
OwnerINpact MediaGroup
Created byChristophe Neau
EditorMarc Rees
AdvertisingYes (for non-subscribers)
Launched3 May 2005

On April 1, 2014, PC INpact announced a change to its name and became Next INpact. The company also indicated that it had obtained the status of an online press service from the Commission paritaire des publications et des agences de presse (CPPAP), as having become devoted largely to political and general information.[1][2]


PC INpact was created from the INpact-Hardware website, focused on computer hardware and created by Christophe Neau. The official goal of PC INpact is to inform the public of the latest innovations in the IT sector, both hardware and software, in a continuous and clear manner, while being oriented towards an audience of experts and professionals in the sector.[citation needed]

Since April 2017, a large part of the articles are reserved for paying subscribers.[3]

It gives significant weight to "political" news related to computers and the Internet. The site notably stood out in 2007, 2008 and 2009 for its coverage of debates surrounding the laws and regulations on downloading music (DADVSI and HADOPI), relating exclusive facts such as a secret agreement between the French government and ISPs concerning content filtering on the Internet.[4]

In 2013, PC INpact partnered with Arrêt sur images in the program 14h42 presented by Jean-Marc Manach, every two weeks, dealing with technology issues.[5]


PC INpact announced at the end of 2009 that it had financial worries, caused, according to the site, by a reduction in its advertising revenue.[6] An optional subscription system was put in place to allow its community to contribute to the group's finances,[7] which helped it to become profitable again during the 2010 financial year, but this improvement remains fragile in the face of the site's refusal to ''display the most intrusive advertising formats, which would also be the most profitable.[8]


Prix du NetEdit

Prix du Net is a price comparison website managed by Next INpact.

It was originally focused on computer equipment, but has extended to products relating to daily life. It offers a certain number of tools, for example to aid in the design of computer configurations or to find the best shop to order from.[citation needed]

Tous les forfaitsEdit

Tous les forfaits is a cellular service package comparison website managed by the editorial staff of Next INpact, initially set up on Prix du Net and intended for “low cost” packages on the arrival of Free Mobile,[9] and which was then improved and published on a dedicated site in order to gain visibility.[10] Its purpose is to allow the comparative calculation of service packages and associated mobile devices and to allow users to find the most suitable package according to the criteria chosen.

Les offres internetEdit

Les offres internet is a comparison website for service packages similar to Tous les forfaits, but intended for fixed subscriptions offered by Internet service providers.[11]

Liens Idiots Du DimancheEdit

Les Liens idiots du dimanche (or LIDD), is a website featuring weekly compilation of humorous links, initiated in 2003[12] and whose success led to publication in the form of an independent site in 2013.[13]

INpact VirtuelEdit

INpact Virtuel was a video game blog launched on January 3, 2006[14] and closed on October 8, 2008.[15]

INpact HardwareEdit

INpact HardWare plans to open at the end of 2018, 15 years after its closure.[16] The site will be devoted to IT equipment and its ecosystem. It will be developed as a progressive web application.


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