New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties

The New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties is a register of historic and prehistoric properties located in the state of New Mexico. It is maintained by the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. The Cultural Properties Review Committee meets at least six times a year. The committee lists properties in the State Register and forwards nominations to the National Register.[1]

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Current listingsEdit

Properties listed on the New Mexico State Register of Cultural Properties:[2]

[3] Name Image Location County Description
21 Salmon Ruins   36°42′4″N 108°1′38″W / 36.70111°N 108.02722°W / 36.70111; -108.02722 (Salmon Ruins) San Juan Chacoan site located in northwest New Mexico
30 Trinity Site   33°40′38″N 106°28′31″W / 33.67722°N 106.47528°W / 33.67722; -106.47528 (Trinity Site) Socorro Site of the first nuclear weapons test
32 Wagon Mound   36°0′26″N 104°42′26″W / 36.00722°N 104.70722°W / 36.00722; -104.70722 (Wagon Mound) Mora Landmark on the Santa Fe Trail
33 Watrous/La Junta   35°48′3″N 105°0′5″W / 35.80083°N 105.00139°W / 35.80083; -105.00139 (Watrous/La Junta) Mora Settlement at the junction of the Mountain and Cimarron Cutoff routes of the Santa Fe Trail
35 Fort Cummings 32°27′56″N 107°38′45″W / 32.46556°N 107.64583°W / 32.46556; -107.64583 (Fort Cummings) Luna
36 Fort Fillmore 32°15′28″N 106°44′36″W / 32.25778°N 106.74333°W / 32.25778; -106.74333 (Fort Fillmore) Doña Ana
39 San Felipe de Neri Church   Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico
35°5′48″N 106°40′11″W / 35.09667°N 106.66972°W / 35.09667; -106.66972 (San Felipe de Neri Church)
277 Occidental Life Building   Bernalillo
363 High Road to Taos   Santa Fe to Taos
35°53′49″N 106°1′12″W / 35.89694°N 106.02000°W / 35.89694; -106.02000 (High Road to Taos)
multiple Scenic route passing through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
366 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Locomotive 2926   Bernalillo
383 First Methodist Episcopal Church   Bernalillo
397 Southwestern Brewery and Ice Company   601 Commercial St. NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
35°5′20″N 106°38′44″W / 35.08889°N 106.64556°W / 35.08889; -106.64556 (Southwestern Brewery and Ice Company)
Bernalillo Built in 1899, the Southwestern Brewery and Ice Company building is one of the few surviving 19th-century commercial buildings in downtown Albuquerque.
424 Ake Site Catron
453 KiMo Theater   Bernalillo
508 Old Albuquerque High School   Bernalillo
584 Deming Armory   301 South Silver Avenue
32°16′0.02″N 107°45′24.39″W / 32.2666722°N 107.7567750°W / 32.2666722; -107.7567750 (Deming Armory)
Deming Built for the National Guard in 1915-16, it was the first armory to be built after New Mexico became a state in 1912, and was used during Pancho Villa's raid on Columbus
588 Rosenwald Building   Bernalillo
660 First National Bank Building   Bernalillo
700 Federal Building and United States Courthouse   Bernalillo
704 Kelvinator House   Bernalillo
737 Harwood School   Bernalillo
784 Skinner Building   Bernalillo
787 New Mexico-Arizona Wool Warehouse   Bernalillo
802 Taos Inn   Taos
880 Werner-Gilchrist House   Bernalillo
991 Nob Hill Business Center   Bernalillo
992 Old Hilton Hotel   Bernalillo
1170 Sunshine Building   120 Central Avenue SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico
35°5′3″N 106°38′56″W / 35.08417°N 106.64889°W / 35.08417; -106.64889 (Sunshine Building)
1171 Solar Building   Bernalillo
1568 Jones Motor Company   Bernalillo
1644 Coronado School   Bernalillo
1659 Ernie Pyle House/Library   Bernalillo
1837 De Anza Motor Lodge   Bernalillo
1841 D. H. Lawrence Ranch Historic District   Taos
1853 Southern Union Gas Company Building   Bernalillo

Former listingsEdit

[4] Name Image Location County Description
796 Santa Fe Depot   314 1st St. SW, Albuquerque
35°4′56″N 106°38′52″W / 35.08222°N 106.64778°W / 35.08222; -106.64778 (Santa Fe Depot)
Bernalillo Burned down in 1993

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