List of new media art festivals

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International and online festivalsEdit

  • The CYFEST is one of the largest international media art festivals, that was founded in St. Petersburg in 2007 by independent artists and curators. Over the years, the festival has invited artists from Russia, USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Finland, Italy, the Philippines and other countries.[1] The most recent festivals were:
    • 10th CYFEST in Bogota, Colombia (27-30 October 2016) [2]
    • 10th CYFEST in Moscow (16 November 2016 and July, 2017) [3]
    • 10th CYFEST in New York (1-30 December 2016) [4]
    • 10th CYFEST in Saint-Petersburg (25 January – 7 February 2017) [5]
  • FEAT is a European funded project, in which artists are in residence within FET - Future and Emerging Technologies - research consortia with the goal of exploring unconventional ways of thinking, researching, innovating and creating.[6]
  • The ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art is an annual event consisting of a symposium on issues related to electronic art and an exhibition in a festival format. Each year, the symposium is hosted by a different organization and country.[7] The most recent festivals were:
    • ISEA2018 in Durban, South Africa[8]
    • ISEA2017 in Manizales, Colombia[9]
    • ISEA2016 in Hong Kong,[10]
    • ISEA2015 in Vancouver,[11]
    • ISEA2014 in Dubai,[12]
    • ISEA2013 in Sydney.[13]
  • MUTEK was founded in 2000 in Montreal, and ever since its main mission has been the organization of the MUTEK festival; which takes place every year at Mexico, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dubai, San Francisco and Tokyo. The festival gives an opportunity for local and international audience to see the latest digital creations, as well as works by emerging and established artists.[14]
  • netEX – networked experience - was established by The New Museum of Networked Art as the service environment for calls & deadlines in order to support & promote art using new technologies. netEX is accepting calls for film, video and art & new media – new technologies, residencies, participation in conferences, symposium and other events in these fields.[15]
  • Spamm is a virtual online museum dedicated to digital arts and emerging cultures. Spamm connects emerging and established curators, artists, and institutions to forge international networks and generate new forms of collaboration through the production of exhibitions, events, publications, and curatorial training.[16]
  • The Wrong is the largest and most comprehensive biennial celebrating digital art today. A global event aiming to nurture digital culture, open to participation, articulating its contents by means of online pavilions and offline embassy locations worldwide.[17]


  • Temporary Stedelijk was to show the works of young artists from Amsterdam to the audience they deserve. It was meant as a platform to tell this story on the stage of the Stedelijk museum. When Amber van den Eeden and Kalle Mattsson found out the museum didn't buy their own name on the internet, they did. And created this website to show what Amsterdam has to offer when it comes down to innovating art. The website ran for almost a year in 2012.[18]




China (mainland)

  • Beijing 798 Art Festival brings together contemporary art, architecture, and culture with a historically interesting location and an urban lifestyle. It has evolved into a cultural concept, of interest to experts and normal folk alike, influential on its concepts of both urban culture and living space.[20]


Hong Kong


  • Print Screen Festival is an annual film and new media art festival initiated in 2010 and taking place in the Holon Cinematheque.[24]




  • Ars Electronica is the largest international New Media festival which is held in Linz annually. The focus is always on current developments and possible future scenarios and the question of how they will change our lives. Ars Electronica is a worldwide unique platform for art, technology and society.[26]
  • Art Meets Radical Openness is a biennial community festival in Linz run by local initiative that explores and discusses new challenges between digital culture, art, everyday life, education, politics and active action.[27]
  • Paraflows festival for digital art and culture held in September, focuses on the controversial topics such as identification, resistance and migration in times of the digital revolution. The festival includes exhibitions, symposiums, a series of concerts, film, theatre, and book and award presentations.[28]
  • Wiener FestWochen is positioned as a multidisciplinary art festival in the city of Vienna. Among Vienna's varied and tightly-packed cultural offerings, the point is to present and allow things not yet seen and not yet heard and to work as a content engine linking genres, thoughts, and ideas.[29]


  • Bam Festival is an association of passionate volunteers whose ambition is to make new technologies and digital cultures accessible to everyone. BAM annual festival consists of activities combining performances, installations, exhibitions and workshops. Since its creation in 2014, the strong purpose of the BAM Festival's team is to share and spread digital arts to its audience and introduce a diverse and attractive approach to digital cultures and arts in the City of Liège.[30]
  • Courtisane Festival is a platform for film and audiovisual arts, exploring the relationships between image and world, aesthetic and politics, experiment and engagement. Between the image of reality and the reality of the image.[31]
  • Kikk Festival in Namur offers a mix of technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media. The program includes conferences, workshops, an exhibition, a market and a party with live performances. Initiated in 2011 by Dogstudio and Superbe.[32]
  • New Technological Art Award selects and presents creations in which the culture-forming role of technology occupies a central place. Low or high tech, intuitive or experimental, the creations always draw attention to the truly innovative trends. The exhibition of the achievements of the selected winners is a compass oriented in the relevant contemporary and flexible use of technology in the art sector.[33]
  • Transnumeriques Biennale initiated in 2005 by Transcultures is the first international festival of new media art in Wallonia-Brussels Federation (previously Netd@ys.)[34]
  • VIA Festival is an international festival focused on the performing art and new technologies: theatrical performances, music and dance, urban installations and exhibitions. It is produced by the Manège Mons/Maubeuge.[35]


  • Computer Space forum is a non-commercial international computer art forum. With twenty nine editions in a row behind its back and more than 20,000 participants (firms, studios or individual persons) from different countries from all over the world, today "Computer Space" is one of the biggest and most significant events for computer arts in south-east Europe which seeks to show the modern trends in the field of computer arts.[36]


  • Kontejner bureau of contemporary art praxis is a non-profit NGO from Zagreb founded in 2002. It is engaged in curatorial work, organization of art festivals and other public events, and in education and social theory. Its main field of interest is progressive contemporary art which investigates the role and meaning of science, technology and the body in our society, focusing on the relevant and current phenomena, especially within provocative, fascinating and intriguing subjects and topics, as well as those perceived by the society as taboos.[37]
  • Visualia, the very first festival of light and new media in Croatia, was organized by the Association Sonitus and the Tourism Office Pula, in order to encourage artistic activity and creative new media production within contemporary art and culture at the local, national and international level.[38]
  • Echofluxx is a festival of new media, visual art, and experimental music produced by FMErá of Prague. Echofluxx is rooted in the mindfulness of cage, the interplay of risk-taking and self actualization, and a resistance to media specificity in art.[39]


  • CLICK Festival looks into the future and dissolves the boundaries between art and technology. The program is filled with music, performances, installations, workshops, seminars, lectures and literature.[40]
  • FOKUS presents 5-6 Danish and international exhibitions every year, exhibitions that give visitors the opportunity to encounter experimental and innovative art - including its annual exhibition for children and young people.[41]


  • Alternative Party promotes experimentation and psychological change through digital arts, utilizing the demoscene mindset of breaking boundaries, mixing machinery of different eras and capabilities.[42]
  • M-cult a Helsinki-based non-profit organization founded in 2000, works to develop and promote new forms of media art and digital culture, with a focus on cultural and social aspects of digital media and technology.[43]
  • Pixelache Helsinki is an association of artists, cultural producers, thinkers and activists involved in the creation of cutting-edge cultural activities; such as experimental interaction and electronics, code-based art and culture, grassroot organising & networks, renewable energy production/use, participatory art, open-source cultures, bioarts and art-science culture, alternative economy cultures, politics and economics of media/technology, audiovisual culture, media literacy & ecology and engaging environmental issues.[44]


  • Avanto was an experimental music and moving images festival.[45]


  • Bandits-Mages is a unique structure offering a platform for residency, production, experimentation, research, dissemination and awareness in the broader field of contemporary media such as video, cinema, sound, or electronic and digital objects. So many possibilities that give Bandits-Mages its fluid and flexible character to leave all the freedom to blossom to a thought: that of the artist, the creator, the philosopher, the pedagogue, the student, the researcher who comes to appropriate the tool offered by the structure.[46]
  • Exit Festival conceived as a journey through different singular universes, through interactive installations or immersive, sometimes monumental, pushes to the extreme the observation that the work would not exist without the viewer. This exhibition is designed to be a world of unique artistic worlds. Its central, questioning idea pushes the boundaries of the notion that, without the spectator, a work of art can not fully exist.[47]
  • Festival Les Instants Vidéo is one of the oldest international video art festival in the world. Based in Marseilles, it is a festival representative of the large diversity of video and digital creations, including screenings, exhibitions of installations, performances which showcase combinations of dance, music, and poetry.[48]
  • La Biennale de Lyonis is a non-profit body that devises, produces and stages two major international events in alternate years: the Dance Biennale and the Biennale of Contemporary Art. It manages the events’ support functions, promotion and development, and spreads their values.[49]
  • Outsider Art Fair was established in 1993 and now is the premier fair dedicated to Self-Taught Art, Art Brut and Outsider Art and takes place annually in New York and Paris.[50]
  • Strasbourg Biennale of Contemporary Art is a cultural event that brings together internationally renowned artists every two years to examine the central and contemporary theme of human's place in the digital age.[51]


  • Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working at the crossroads of research, activism, design and filmmaking, focusing on the processes and actors behind the creation of Internet related content. Their main goal at the moment is the development of a long-feature documentary about digital art and pattern recognition. We are also in the process of building an online, open-access archive of past and present forms of digital art.[52]
  • CTM Festival is a prominent international festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and club cultures. The festival's aim is to present the most outstanding international productions in adventurous, experimental and electronic music and audiovisual performance, as well as to reflect on recent artistic, social and technical developments in music culture. CTM takes place concurrently and cooperatively with Transmediale. Together the two parallel festivals comprise one of the most comprehensive and relevant occasions in the world for yearly reflection on digital culture.[53]
  • Cynetart is an International competition created by Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau (TMA) and their partners. This festival is targeted for artists and artist collectives, researchers and scientists, who deal with new technologies in media in their artistic practice. It includes formats such as installation, objects, performance, net art and VR-works.[54]
  • European Media Art Festival sees itself as a place of experimentation and a laboratory where extraordinary works, projects and ventures are created and presented. As a meeting point for artists, curators, distributors, galleries and the audience the festival has a great impact on the topics and aesthetics of Media Arts. Each year the festival offers its visitors a current overview of experimental films, installations, performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and political subjects to formal experiments.[55]
  • Filmwinter has been devoted to crossing the border between cinema and media art with an adventurous international programme comprising films, workshops, Expanded Media exhibition and performances for people of all ages. The Festival's core are the international competitions for short film, Media in Space and Network Culture – flanked by a comprehensive programme. Every year, the Filmwinter Stuttgart has a new motto that is reflected in the design, supporting programme and the whole aura of the festival.[56]
  • Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer" is a day and night-long series of conversations, brainstorming sessions, panels, lectures and performances dedicated to broadening the discourse around digital space. A place for reflection and action at the intersection of media, technology, gender and sexuality, the event aims to formulate strategies for queering the blurred line between science, music and art. It was held last Saturday in Berlin.[57]
  • Lab30 is the place for experimental analog and digital art projects. It might sound complex or complicated, but it's easy and concrete! The festival attracts visitors who want to be surprised by innovative works between arts and technique.[58]
  • NODE Forum an open platform and network for culture, the arts and technology. It offers more than 60 professional creative coding workshops, exhibitions, performances, program for kids, artist talks, mentorship and discourse formats. The one-week festival offers room for a focussed interdisciplinary exchange.[59]
  • Pictoplasma Festival turns Berlin into the world's epicentre of character design and art—and a vibrant meeting point for a diverse scene of international artists, illustrators, filmmakers, and game, graphic or product designers. Creators and producers meet for a central conference to exchange strategies for figurative aesthetics, while the wider festival invites the general public to discover new trends.[60]
  • Retune is a Berlin-based community platform at the intersection of Art, Design and Technology organizing the biennial Retune Festival, Studio Visits and workshops.[61]
  • Transmediale is a yearly festival for art and digital culture in Berlin. It facilitates critical reflection on and interventions into processes of cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective. Since 2011, transmediale's all-year activities include cooperation projects, networking activities, the Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research, and special events.[62]
  • UNPAINTED MUNICH was founded in Munich in 2013 by a group of art lovers to make digital art understandable to an interested audience. The international platform for art in the digital age, organizes exhibitions for digital artists and curators in different locations. The UNPAINTED Art store offers the opportunity to conveniently buy works of art by renowned digital artists online - prints, animations, 3D sculptures and much more.[63]
  • Videoart at Midnight is an international forum fostering contemporary art, in particular film, new media art and video art. In a monthly program international artists are invited to show their work in the big cinema hall of the Kino Babylon in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin.[64]
  • VIDEONALE is a festival for video and time-based arts that takes place in Bonn every two years. Each Videonale realizes an exhibition with international artistic positions from the realms of single and multi-channel video, video installation and sculpture, performance and virtual reality. All works presented in the exhibition are selected by an international jury from the submissions to Videonale's competition.[65]
  • Werkleitz is an important international presentation platform for film and media art in the new federal states. The flexible format comprises thematic cooperation, curated film programmes and exhibitions as well as presentations of stipends’ works realized within The Werkleitz-Centre for Media Art's international exchange programmes.[66]
  • ZKM, Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, probes new media in theory and practice, tests their potential with in-house developments, presents possible uses in exemplary form and promotes debate on the form our information society is taking. Production and research, exhibitions and events, coordination and documentation.[67]
  • ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival (ZuVi) has been established at the Polish-German border in the town of Görlitz. Each year, it is organised by a team of dedicated, creative and courageous volunteers. The festival has intentionally picked the issue of local vacancies as its central topic and is hence annually being held in a vacant building, to point out the potential hiding in abandoned buildings. It offers a platform for regional as well as international artists of the contemporary art scene.[68]


  • Athens Digital Arts Festival is an international festival, based in Athens, which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences.[69]
  • Fournos, Center for the Art and the New Technologies is a research and production organization of the digital culture of the 21st century. Its objectives are education and training, festival, development of a cultural network of artists, centers, researchers, philosophers, technologists, activists.[70]
  • Video Art Miden is an international festival based in Kalamata focusing on contemporary video art. Founded in 2005, it presents all genres of video art, including animation, video dance and video performance. It also organizes or co-organizes screening events and video art exhibitions in other cities of Greece and abroad.[71]
  • Audiovisual Arts Festival is an international festival based in Corfu focusing on arts in digital era. Founded in 2006 by the School of Music and Audiovisual Arts of Ionian University. It presents a variety of genres of digital arts. such as Electroacoustic Music, VR arts, AI arts, interactive media arts, installations, video art, including animation, video dance and video performance. It also organizes screening events, interactive exhibitions, workshops and video art exhibitions in Greece and abroad.[72]


  • C³ Center for Culture and Communication, aims for the cultural application and creative employment of new scientific and technological discoveries, the research, development and support of innovative artistic potentials, and the initiation and realisation of art, science, communications, educational and cultural programmes. C³ is an open, not for profit institution, a space for innovative experiments and developments related to communication, culture and open society, its main focus the fostering of meetings and cooperation among spheres of art, science and technology.[73]


  • Asolo Art Film Festival is an international film festival, the place where you can immerse yourself in a visionary atmosphere of discussions on the Arts, where you can experience the latest audiovisual languages and meet different cultures. It is the open gaze on possibilities and the path that leads us to realize them. A festival with a poetic, eccentric and adventurous soul.[74]
  • Digicult is an independent project that publishes articles, essays & news online, curates and organize exhibitions, workshops, publications and public lectures while developing educational activities. It offers tools for digital publishing and communication strategies for art and culture. It partners with some of the main international institutions and festivals and is part of The Leonardo Affiliate Program.[75]
  • FOTONICA, festival in Rome, focusing around the digital notions and forms of light, initiated in 2017. In 2018 the festival was a part of Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, MACRO ASILO programme, making the exhibits and events of the gallery available and open to all.[76]
  • Live Cinema Festival is a new media arts festival in Rome that seeks to showcase and connect artists, creating narratives through often live digital techniques.[77]
  • Live Performers Meeting is an international meeting of live-performing artists, VJs and new media artists, initiated in Rome in 2004, counting its 20th edition in 2019. LPM places special focus on the Open source.[78]
  • Rome Media Art Festival is an international festival promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. The Festival has an international Scientific Committee, Tullio De Mauro as President and it is directed by Valentino Catricalà. The Festival is characterized by a laboratorial attitude: it is not only based on events and exhibitions, but also on lectures master class, conferences, workshops and laboratories for schools and universities.[79]
  • Share Festival is a cross disciplinary platform for the promotion of contemporary art and culture in all its creative forms. They create exhibitions, events, workshops, seminars and productions for developing knowledge and creativity in digital society, and for promoting research and innovation in the visual arts, robotic art, bioart, new media art and interaction design as a critical expression of a digital, global society.[80]


  • Kernel Festival was an international new media art festival and an international platform for the promotion of art, research, experimentation, youth empowerment, industry and contemporary creativity.[81]


  • RIXC, The Centre for New Media Culture, is the center for new media culture, art gallery and artist collective, that initiates projects in intersection of art, science and emerging technologies. RIXC's activities include: running two art galleries, production of artworks and innovative art, science and technology projects, organising of the annual RIXC Art Science festival, exhibitions, publishing of Acoustic Space journal series.[82]


  • Centras is an international multimedia arts and music festival organised every spring in Kaunas city in participation with video, sound and live audiovisual artists.[83]

The Netherlands

  • Border Sessions is a yearly tech culture festival based in The Hague with a focus on humanity in our rapidly changing tech-centered society. A place for inspiring artists, makers, activists, authors, students and scientists to meet and experiment with groundbreaking technologies, learn from experts, have fun and get to know new partners for future endeavors.[84]
  • Cinekid Annual Media Festival for Kids in Amsterdam has been working to stimulate the production of high-tech media for children and let them contribute to their creation. It aims to guide the media development of children, with a critical eye on media education in order to enlarge their worldview.[85]
  • Fiber Festival presents state-of-the-art developments in art, design, electronic music and technology. It explores complex technological systems and ungraspable natural phenomena through sensory experiences, and questions our understanding of them in today's and tomorrow's society. Through the lens of the arts, FIBER explores new and weird ways of understanding the world.[86]
  • Glow Light Arts Festival can be described as a large exhibition in the public space of Eindhoven with around 35 light artists from home and abroad. The light art projects are connected by means of a walking route. The distinctiveness of GLOW lies in the ambition that light art is created every year, with the focus on innovation and talent development. In addition to the large international light artists, GLOW makes room for innovative and unique projects from our own soil.[87]
  • GOGBOT is the breeding ground for creative and meaningful innovative technology of the entire region of Enschede. Its goal is to lift the environment, in cooperation with the education and business. It is motivated in the adaptability of man to his environment. The unknown stimulates the senses. Those who are able to adapt, survive.
  • IMPAKT Festival presents critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and on innovative audio-visual arts in an interdisciplinary context. It examines issues around society, digital culture, and media from various angles and within a range of disciplines in the arts, academia, and technology. Its main project is the annual IMPAKT Festival, a five-day multimedia event that includes exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, panels, performances, presentations, and artist talks at locations in Utrecht.[88]
  • Institute of Network Cultures analyzes and shapes the terrain of network cultures through events, publications, and online dialogue. Our projects evolve around digital publishing, alternative revenue models, online video and design, digital counter culture and much more.[89]
  • Manifestations, titled "Will the Future Design Us?" is the largest Art & Tech festival during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. It focusses on Young Talents, Art, Tech & Fun. This quick growing festival gets 35.000 visitors in 9 days.[90]
  • Media Art Festival brings the best young and international experimental art to the north of the Netherlands and presents it to a wide audience. Its definition of media art has evolved over the years from 'art with a plug' to 'all forms of art that make use of innovative means and production processes and that have the subject of the world of today and tomorrow.’ A mechanical work of art that offers an innovative solution to a contemporary issue in these digital times is just as relevant as works in which technological delights are used in a new context.[91]
  • The Nieuwe Twentse Kunst foundation is an artists' initiative (founded in 1997 in Enschede). Since 2005, the NTK foundation is located in Almelo and focuses on the presentation of contemporary art forms. To this end, the NTK foundation undertakes short and long-term initiatives and projects such as the presentation of visual art.[92]
  • Noiserr is an interdisciplinary research group centered around explorations of Noise via deconstructed reading and listening sessions. Noiserr is an on-going exploration of Noise instantiated via theory- and practice-led investigative actions.[93]
  • NXS WORLD is a collaborative research project that has been exploring "the self" in the age of digital technology since 2016. NXS – standing for nexus – creates its content by building a network of contributors and their writings or visualisations. NXS takes the form of a cross-platform structure with exhibitions, performances, lectures and a biannual publication as its core. It searches for personal viewpoints, experiences and stories on relevant topics around digital technology, as a way to make them more tangible and more accessible to an audience that reaches beyond artists, designers, and theorists.[94]
  • Oddstream Festival is a platform for art and technology, stationed within the Lindenberg, Nijmegen. Oddstream organizes exhibitions, artist-in-residences, educational programs, workshops and information exchanges. Oddstream is also regularly part of the art programming at events and festivals.[95]
  • OrbitFest is an initiative of the Groningen ColorC foundation, which brings together art and society with its productions by means of its own festival story, an annually changing theme and four future-oriented core principles: sensuality, innovativity, sustainability and empowerment.[96]
  • Playgrounds showcases and celebrates the creative image. We stimulate new developments, signal innovative movements, we inspire an international creative industry and connect you to the best and brightest artists and animators, extraordinary filmmakers, game-, sound- and graphic designers.[97]
  • Regenerative Feedback is an annual music, new media, sound art and philosophy festival. The idea behind this event is to present experimental performances; new media art, and to explore these through workshops, accessible lectures and conversations between experts and audiences.[98]
  • Sensor Lab is a not-for-profit foundation based in the centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands. We are focused on the education, exploration, creation and development of sensor and smart technologies. In today's data-driven world, it is important to explore their application, possibilities and the future opportunities yet to be discovered.[99]
  • Sonic Acts aims to explore the genesis of our current crisis – and what happens in the hereafter – by reflecting on the issues we are forced to confront on a daily basis: the inequalities caused by colonization and geo-strategic maneuvering, the challenges brought forth by immigration and the climate crisis, the ever-present exploitation and precocity of the workforce, and the way technological advancements disrupt and not emancipate – that is, the gooey mesh of global capitalism.[100]
  • State-X New Forms is a 10-day internationally oriented festival of avant-garde rock, cutting-edge electronics and now art.[101]
  • STEIM is a center for research and development of new musical instruments in the electronic performing arts, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Electronic music in STEIM's context is always strongly related to the physical and direct actions of a musician. In this tradition, STEIM supports artists in residence such as composers and performers, but also multimedia and video artists to develop setups which allow for improvisation and performance with individually designed technology.[102]
  • STRP Biennial art and technology festival in Eindhoven. STRP links creative technology to art and life for curious people. In nearly ten years (since 2006) and six editions, STRP, which has made its home on the former Philips factory grounds, has grown into one of the most versatile indoor art & technology festivals. The highlight is the STRP Biennial held every two years, with the seventh edition taking place from 20 – 29 March 2015.[103]
  • TEC ART Rotterdam is a festival for creative technology. TEC ART offers a critical platform for research and reflection and presents en reflectie en presents international highlights and local talents in creative technology and experimental art in The Netherlands.[104]
  • TodaysArt Festival is an annual international festival for art, music and technology in The Hague.[105]
  • Uncloud is a yearly festival that focuses on innovation and multidisciplinary artforms, blurring the boundaries between genres and disciplines as well as between spaces such as the podium, the night club and the gallery.[106]
  • V2 Institute for the Unstable Media is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam. V2_ presents, produces, archives and publishes about art made with new technologies and encourages the debate on these issues. It offers a platform where artists, scientists, developers of software and hardware, researchers and theorists from various disciplines can share their findings. It is the main organizer of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, which grew out of the Manifestations for the Unstable Media that V2_ organized since 1987.[107]
  • Waag Society for Old and New Media in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This institute operates on the cutting edge developments in culture and technology in relation to society, education, government and industry.[108]
  • X= Festival is a 1-day festival in Utrecht. It offers a platform for artists, designers, musicians, and big companies to interact with a young generation of communication and multimedia design students and discuss the latest developments in tech, art and design. It started as a festival in the city center of Utrecht in 2015 and has since moved to a single location.[109]


  • Discovery Festival was the first festival that combined science with entertainment. Under slogans like "The thrill of discovering new things" and "Going with content" it showed that science, nightlife and culture are not mutually exclusive - on the contrary, they can be an ideal mix. The goal is for young scientists, artists, thinkers, creators and visitors to talk with each other, in order to understand each other better leading to emergence of great new ideas.[110]
  • Dutch Electronic Art Festival is an international and interdisciplinary biennial festival that focuses on art, technology and society. It presents a wide range of program segments, including a professionals conference program consisting of seminars, workshops and keynotes, and a large thematic exhibition of works of art and installations. There will also be a performance program and artist talks. The festival is characterized by a thematic approach. Its aim is to harbor new and speculative views about current developments and themes in our technological culture and society.[111]


  • &ACTION INTERNATIONAL MEDIA FESTIVAL is an international festival held in Steinkje, celebrating the multimedia community. It brings together producers, directors, writers, actors, from film and television as well as from the 3D and VFX industry and game design and development industry from all over the World.[112]
  • BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts,is an interdisciplinary centre for the development of art and new technology. It aims to extend the field of electronic art through collaboration, critical reflection and the sharing of knowledge.[113]
  • Piksel is an international network and annual event for electronic art and technological freedom. Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, and involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free technologies.[114]


  • Article was a biennial festival for unstable art forms, arranged by i/o/lab, the Rogaland Centre for Future Art in Stavangeran, an artist-driven organization that offers expertise in art, technology and science.[115]


  • Patchlab Digital Art Festival Kraków is an annual event for art based on the latest technologies and new media. It explores key phenomena in contemporary culture and art, including VR, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the creative potential in machines, algorithms, programming, databases, hacking and digital identities.[116]
  • WRO is the major forum for new media art in Poland, and one of the leading international art events in Central Europe. Since its inception in 1989, WRO has been presenting art forms created using new media for artistic expression and communication, exploring current creative territories and building a critical perspective toward emerging issues in art, technology and society. Over the years, the WRO Biennales have raised a variety of questions about creative approaches to new technologies and the creative crossover realms that arise where art and science, economics and social activism intersect.[117]


  • Culturas Cultivamos, is a platform for experimentation and development of shared knowledge in the theory and practice of science, technology and contemporary art. It organizes activities in the areas of production, dissemination, research, education and exhibition.[118]
  • Festival Iminente combines the new music with the new art in an experience of intense collective intimacy. Iminente is everything that is happening or is about to happen. It is the materialisation of a creative movement that, over the last few years, added contemporaneity and creativity to Portugal's artistic and musical scene. A movement that found its stage here.[119]


  • PLUNC was an international festival of Digital Art and New Media that presented projects and works that intersect art and technology through exhibitions, workshops, talks and round tables.[120]


  • Multimatograf is a meeting place for international community of media artists, directors, producers, developers, researchers, scientists and businessmen in the sphere of multimedia. It is a place where new ideas and relations are born and spread in the multimedia world after the festival. It is also a popular festival which attracts a lot of people who are interested in self-development, educational pastime or just immersion to the unusual environment.[121]


  • Plums Fest means a platform, community and a festival of discoveries in the field of audiovisual, interdisciplinary and multimedia arts. It investigates the changes happening with the arts and society in the information age and clashing the new digital culture artefacts together with the traditional forms of art. Both the new aesthetic and critical and socio-political discourse which is born within the realms of digital age are its topics of interest.[122]


  • Resonate brings together artists, designers and educators to participate in a debate on the position of technology in art and culture. Held each year in Belgrade-Serbia, the festival provides an overview of current situation in the fields of music, visual arts and digital culture.[123]


  • Pixxelpoint is an annual computer art festival.[124]
  • Sonica Festival is a festival of contemporary electronic music and transitory art. In a way, it is conceived as a showcase of the annual program produced by MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art. Its experimental nature questions exhibition and staging formats, crossing borders between art and theory, object and performance. Sonica is an attempt to transform a classical exhibition space into a field of events, performances, workshops, and lectures. It is a temporary laboratory established on the crossing of visual art, media and sound art and research, consisting of production and research residencies, exhibitions, performances, and public interventions, with a special focus on intersections of music, sound and other art forms.[125]
  • Speculum Artium in its foundations builds upon previous festivals and their organisation structure. S.A. festival presents productions emerging from the very structure of new media art in the world.[126]


  • Artfutura festival of Digital Culture and Creativity, founded in Barcelona in 1990, explores projects and ideas in the realm of New Media, Virtual Reality, Interactive Design and Digital Animation. Alongside the festival, a program of screenings of digital animation films runs since 2002, hosted by ArtFutura in a growing number of cities in Spain and South America.[127]
  • The Influencers is a festival about unconventional art, guerrilla communication and radical entertainment.[128]
  • IVAHM is a yearly new media arts festival in Madrid that started in 2012. Since 2013, it has been based at museum La Neomudéjar, Centre for Avant-garde Art, where new media art also plays an important role. In 2019 the festival moves to museum Zapadores as their new location.[129]
  • L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) is a platform specialized in the production and promotion of electronic sound creations, and its relationship with visual arts. It was a European pioneer in this field, and since more than 12 years ago, it tries to converge the natural synergy between image and sound, and the new artistic trends, making special emphasis on live actions.[130]
  • LOOP Barcelona is a platform dedicated to the study and promotion of the moving image, founded in 2003. It offers a specialised, curated selection of video-related contents from challenging perspectives. Throughout the year LOOP undertakes projects that develop in collaboration with leading international agents and materialize in different formats and locations. LOOP's concern for video steers in the direction of providing visibility, encouraging encounters, producing knowledge and works, and supporting the market.[131]
  • MADATAC is an international, independent non-profit platform, for cutting edge audio-visual new media culture based in Madrid, created by Iury Lech in 2007, focused on the annual MADATAC festival. Its vision and approach is characterised by a focus on education, free access, originality, risk-taking and the poetic quality of audio-visual and new media art. MADATAC aspires to serve as a real, virtual and travelling laboratory where artists can present their most recent creations.[132]
  • OFFF is probably one of the most renowned digital and design art festivals in the world. It's not only a digital art festival, but also a festival hosting innovative and international speakers. OFFF functions also as a meeting point for all talents around the world to collaborate.[133]
  • Sónar, Barcelona's International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art is an annual pioneering festival that combines entertainment with cutting-edge audiovisual and media art. Sónar assesses the contemporary panorama of electronic music and its interactions and hybridisations with creación digital, uniting well-established artists with upcoming talent in all fields of music and audiovisual production. Adjacent to the music-focused main festival there is the more content-focused Sonar+D conference, which explores how creative minds are changing our present and imagining new futures, in collaboration with researchers, innovators and business leaders from all sectors and industries, including film, design and new media.[134]


  • AIL, Artists in Labs is a coalition between AIL and the Swiss Science Laboratories, encouraging the development of art and science and realization of art and science residencies.[135]
  • HeK is dedicated to digital culture and the new art forms of the information age. It is a place for creative and critical discourse on the aesthetic, socio-political and economic impact of media technologies. HeK shows contemporary art that explores and configures new technologies; it promotes an aesthetic practice that uses information technology as a medium, makes it vividly accessible and actively intervenes in its processes. HeK thereby addresses the pressing issues of twenty-first-century culture and makes an active contribution to their future evolution.[136]
  • SCOPE Basel’s well-appointed venue offers collectors the most convenient and ideal view of the contemporary art world available nowhere else. SCOPE Basel will welcome 70 International Exhibitors alongside 10 Breeder Program galleries.[137]


  • Amberplatform is running as an annual festival since 2007 and is currently a broader platform that, next to the festival, organises workshops, facilitates artistic productions and collaborations, student essays and hosts a blog.[138]

United Kingdom

  • AND Festival is one of the leading organisations in commissioning work for digital culture in the UK. Since 2009, AND has commissioned over 80 works from international and UK based artists.[139]
  • The Arts Catalyst, the Science Art Agency's mission is to extend, promote and activate a fundamental shift in the dialogue between art and science and its perception by the public. We organize and promote exchange and collaborations between artists and scientists, and new research in multidisciplinary laboratory situations.[140]
  • AV Festival is a leading international Festival of contemporary art, film and music, based in North East England. A biennial event, the Festival is thematically curated to engage audiences with current ideas across contemporary artistic practice and wider society.[141]
  • FACT, Foundation for Art & Creative Technology supports, produces and presents excellent, world-class visual art that embraces and explores creative media and digital technology.[142]
  • FutureEverything is an award-winning innovation lab for digital culture and annual festival, established in Manchester in 1995.[143]
  • Hull Time Based Arts is an artist-led organization which produces and exhibits new work and researches of time-based arts; It includes digital production facilities, consultancy and support, commissions, residencies and a rolling program of events and training opportunities.[144]
  • ICI Institute of Contemporary Arts.[145]
  • Kinetica is a museum for international new media art and international platform for contemporary artists working in the realm of interdisciplinary new media art. Kinetica aims to recognise the strong historical lineage and impact of kinetic art and to champion artistic innovation of all kinds and to showcase ground-breaking artists to a new generation of viewers who will engage and participate.[146]
  • Onedotzero is a contemporary digital arts organisation based in London, that aims to promote new work in moving image and motion arts, through public events, artist and content development, publishing projects, education, production, creative direction, and related consultancy services.[147]
  • TATE is an institution that houses, in a network of four art museums, the United Kingdom's national collection of British art, and international modern and contemporary art. It is not a government institution, but its main sponsor is the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.[148]


  • Kultura Medialna consists of a team of musicians, artists, designers, architects, curators and cultural managers passionate about media arts, technology and urban development, based in Dnipropetrovsk, where most of the activities are taking place. Fundamental goals of Kultura Medialna's local and international projects are: to promote audio-visual; multimedia and experimental art, to create and strengthen international cultural cooperation; to support and educate young contemporary artists; to facilitate social innovations; to develop creative practice in public space.

Latin AmericaEdit



  • Festival Internacional de la Imagen is a space for meeting and discussion on topics related to visual design, electronic arts, digital audiovisual creation, digital sound, and electro-acoustic, and in general, new relationships between art, design, and science and technology.[151]

North AmericaEdit



  • Festival Transitio MX a biennial festival founded in 2005, promotes and pushes production, experimentation, research, and education surrounding the relations between art, science, technology, and community processes.[155]

United States

  • 01SJ Biennial distributed throughout Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area, is North America's most significant and comprehensive showcase of work at the nexus of art and technology.[156]
  • Boston Cyberarts Festival a biennial festival founded in 1999 to celebrate a long tradition of technological and artistic innovation throughout Massachusetts. The Boston Cyberarts Festival showcases artists and high-technology professionals from around the world who use new technology to advance traditional visual and performing arts disciplines.[157]
  • Three Rivers Arts Festival is a Creative Industries festival celebrating the intersections of creativity and innovation in Pittsburgh, PA[158]
  • Currents New Media Festival is an annual New Media Arts festival in Santa Fe since 2002.[159]
  • Digital Graffiti is a digital and interactive art festival held in Alys Beach, Florida. Bringing together technology, architecture and art, Digital Graffiti features artists from around the world.[160]
  • Gray Area Festival is a 3-day festival of media arts started in 2015 as an International media arts festival based in San Francisco with art show, daily presentations, workshops and night performances centered at the famous Grand Theater in SF Mission.[161]
  • New York Electronic Arts Festival is a biennial festival on Governor's Island in New York City that aims to provide high-quality electronic and digital art through workshops, concerts and exhibitions. Attendees get an overview of how technology is being used in various artistic disciplines, and have the opportunity to take part in a discussion about how these technologies will continue to shape contemporary art practice.[162]
  • IMCexpo, The Interactive Multimedia Culture Expo's mission is to foster a growing network of diverse and forward-thinking artists, engineers, designers, scientists and institutions, with the common goal of promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.[163]
  • The LA Freewaves experimental new media art festival is online and in Los Angeles art venues featuring local and international artists.[164]
  • LAST Festival (Life Art Science Technology) presented by Stanford University presents the coexistence of art, tech and science in the form of art expos featuring interactive high-tech installations that are meant to let you experience something you've never experienced before.[165]
  • New Media Film Festival an annual festival held at the Los Angeles Film School honors stories worth telling offering distribution opportunities and awards.[166]
  • Recombinant Festival, based in San Francisco, has been the festival of surround and experiential media since 2016.[167]
  • SIGGRAPH Art Gallery is a curated art gallery exhibition that takes place during SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles.[168]
  • Twisted Oyster is an annual theme-based and socially conscious festival showcasing stories and works of human interest. At the core of the festival lies community engagement and social inclusion with a mission to place a spotlight on stories of human interest across a broad range of social issues, through the curation of films and time-based media artworks.[169]
  • Visual Collaborative A seasonal festivals platform that initially started as a traveling exhibition. Events and exhibitions feature symposium style talks, digital art, technology and live music performances.[170]



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