New Jersey Department of Human Services Police

New Jersey Department Of Human Services Police is a statewide police agency in New Jersey. Human Service Police is tasked with the responsibility of patrolling, responding and reporting any crimes against people or property within the several psychiatric hospitals and developmental centers in New Jersey. Such facilities include Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, New Jersey State Hospital at Trenton and Ancora Psychiatric Hospital.

New Jersey Department of Human Services Police
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Along with psychiatric hospitals, Human Services Police is also responsible for the several developmental centers spread over the state. These centers are for mentally handicapped individuals and are located throughout the state.

In recent years, Human Services Police have been requested to assist the Division of Youth & Family Services (DYFS). DYFS falls under the cabinet-level department. Human Services Police officers assist case workers, upon request. These officers are stationed inside district offices throughout the state.

To properly investigate and charge/arrest individuals, Human Services Police officers are given statewide police powers and authority. With this authority, Human Services Police are required to enforce Title 39 (motor vehicle law) and 2C (New Jersey Criminal Code) within the grounds of their numerous institutions and anywhere in the state if need be.

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