Neuenbürg is a town in the Enz district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated on the river Enz, 10 km southwest of Pforzheim.

Market square
Market square
Coat of arms of Neuenbürg
Coat of arms
Location of Neuenbürg within Enzkreis district
Neuenbürg im Enzkreis.png
Neuenbürg is located in Germany
Neuenbürg is located in Baden-Württemberg
Coordinates: 48°50′46″N 8°35′20″E / 48.84611°N 8.58889°E / 48.84611; 8.58889Coordinates: 48°50′46″N 8°35′20″E / 48.84611°N 8.58889°E / 48.84611; 8.58889
Admin. regionEnzkreis
 • Total28.17 km2 (10.88 sq mi)
323 m (1,060 ft)
 • Total8,206
 • Density290/km2 (750/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes07082
Vehicle registrationPF


Neuenbürg originated as a village around a castle built by the House of Vaihingen [de] in the 12th century. Between 1315 and 13220, Neuenbürg became a possession of the Counts of Württemberg, who gave it town rights. With the villages of Arnbach, Dennach, and Waldrennach [de], Neuenbürg was assigned its own district. On 18 March 1806, that district was reorganized as Oberamt Neuenbürg [de]. The Oberamt was dissolved on 1 October 1938 and its constituents were assigned to the Calw district. When the Enz district was created by the 1973 Baden-Württemberg district reform [de] on 1 January 1973, Neuenbürg and its villages were assigned to it. Arnbach, Dennach, and Waldrennach were fully incorporated into Neuenbürg on 1 January 1975.[2]


The township (Stadt) of Neuenbürg covers 28.17 square kilometers (10.88 sq mi) of the Enz district, within the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Republic of Germany. It is physically located on the Pfinzhügelland [de], on the southern reaches of the Kraichgau. The geological makeup of the municipal area is decided by the meeting of the Pfinzhügelland's muschelkalk and keuper and the Black Forest's buntsandstein plateaus. The main watercourse is the Enz, which flows in a deep bed of Middle Buntsandstein [de]. Where the Enz flows into Birkenfeld marks the lowest elevation above sea level in the municipal area, 309 meters (1,014 ft) Normalnull (NN). The highest is the top of the Heuberg, south of Dennach, at 709 meters (2,326 ft) NN.[2]

A portion of the Eyach and Rotenbach Valley [de] Federally-protected nature reserve is found within Neuenbürg's municipal area.[2]

Coat of armsEdit

Neuenbürg's municipal coat of arms depicts a red, hexagonal tower upon a field of white. The oldest images to be associated with the township are from 1440, as an engraving, and in 1490, from a print. The first coat of arms associated with Neuenbürg is from 1535, and showed the tower in red but the field as being blue. The change to a white field was made in 1956 by agreement of the municipal government and the Central State Archive Stuttgart [de]. This pattern was then approved by the Federal Ministry of the Interior on 18 February 1958.[2]


The town has three stops, Neuenbürg, Neuenbürg Süd and Neuenbürg Freibad, on route S6 of the Karlsruhe Stadtbahn, which operates over the Enztalbahn railway.[3]


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