Nashville String Machine

Nashville String Machine is a musical collective comprising session musicians, based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Members of the group have been credited on records dating from 1972 to the present,[1] although the group was formally formed as "The Nashville String Machine" in 1981.[2]

The group was formed by violinist and concertmaster Carl J. Gorodetsky (born 1936/7[clarification needed] in Pennsylvania) and his wife (also violinist) Carol W. Gorodetsky (b. 1937 in Pennsylvania). They oversee the contracting of arrangers, players and studio support as needed; their available supply of potential orchestra members maximizes at 80.[3]

Since the required number of orchestra members varies from project to project, individual members differentiate. However, there are four members of the ensemble who date from its 1981 founding:

  • Carol W. Gorodetsky – violin
  • Pam Sixfin – violin
  • Gary Vanosdale – viola
  • Craig Nelson – arco bass.[2]

The music aggregating website AllMusic lists 1,171 albums on which "The Nashville String Machine" is credited (from 1972 through 2017).[1] The group has appeared as large as an orchestra, or as small as a duo.


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