Narayanapala (9th-10th century CE) was the sixth emperor of the Pala dynasty of the Eastern regions of the Indian subcontinent, mainly the Bengal and Bihar regions. The Gaya temple inscription dated in his 7th regnal year, the Indian Museum (found in the erstwhile Patna district) stone inscription dated in his 9th regnal year, the Bhagalpur copper-plate grant dated in his 17th regnal year, Bihar votive image inscription dated in his 54th regnal year and the Badal pillar inscription of his minister Bhatta Guravamishra provide information about his reign.[1]

Last Pala King
Reign9th to 10th century
PredecessorVigrahapala I

Based on the different interpretations of the various epigraphs and historical records, the different historians estimate Narayanapala's reign as follows:[2]

Historian Estimate of reign
RC Majumdar (1971) 854–908 CE
AM Chowdhury (1967) 866–920 CE
BP Sinha (1977) 865–920 CE
DC Sircar (1975–76) 860–917 CE

Narayanapala was defeated by Mihira Bhoja.[3]:21

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Pala Emperor
9th-10th century
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