Nakhtmin (disambiguation)

Nakhtmin or Minnakht is the name of several Ancient Egyptian Officials

Middle KingdomEdit

Eighteenth DynastyEdit

  • Nakhtmin, High Priest of Amun during or before the reign of Thutmosis III. Father of Menkheperraseneb I
  • Nakthmin, Overseer of the Granaries of Upper and Lowe Egypt, and Overseer of the Horses from the time of Thutmosis III.[1]
  • Nakhtmin, Overseer of the Granary of Amun during the reign of Amenhotep III.[2]
  • Nakhtmin (also Minnakht) held the position of generalissimo during the reign of pharaoh Tutankhamun
  • Nakhtmin, Official from the time of Pharaoh Ay known from a damaged statue. The title could read either King's Son of His Body or King's Son of Kush.

Nineteenth DynastyEdit


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