Najaf-Qoli Khan Bakhtiari

Najaf-Qoli Khan Bakhtiari (Persian: نجف‌قلی‌خان بختیاری‎) also known Saad al-Dowleh and Samsam al-Saltane (1846–1930), was an Iranian Prime Minister and a leader of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution. He was elected Prime Minister for two terms, first from 3 May 1909 to 16 July 1909 and again from 23 December 1912 to 17 January 1913, when he resigned from the office. He was a representative of Parliament of Iran from Tehran in the 4th Parliament. He was the older brother of Ali-Qoli Khan Bakhtiari. He died in 1930 in Isfahan.

Saad al-Dowleh
Samsam Saltaneh.jpg
11th Prime Minister of Iran
In office
1911 – 17 January 1913
MonarchAhmad Shah Qajar
Preceded bySepahsalar-e Tonekaboni
Succeeded byMohammad Ali Ala al-Saltaneh
In office
1 May 1918 – 8 August 1918
MonarchAhmad Shah Qajar
Preceded byMostowfi ol-Mamalek
Succeeded byVossug ed Dowleh
Personal details
Chaharmahal Province, Iran
Died1930 (aged 83–84)
Isfahan, Iran

Party affiliationEdit

He is reported to be a member of the Moderate Socialists Party[1][2] but he was favoured by the Democrat Party at the time appointed as the Prime Minister[3] and formed a pro-Democrat cabinet.[4]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Mohammad Vali Khan Tonekaboni
Prime Minister of Iran
Succeeded by
Mohammad Ali Ala al-Saltaneh
Preceded by
Mostowfi ol-Mamalek
Prime Minister of Iran
Succeeded by
Vossug ed Dowleh