NAF Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik

The NAF Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik AG is a family run company in Neunkirchen am Brand, Bavaria, Germany. NAF manufactures axles and transfer cases for self-propelled applications for construction, forestry and agriculture machinery. NAF is the market leader for powered bogie axles (forestry machinery drives).[2][3][4]

NAF Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik AG
IndustryComponent supplier
Area served
Key people
Alfred Saam
(Director and CEO), Bernhard Schnabel
(Director and CTO), Erwin Urban
(Director and CFO and COO)
ProductsHeavy duty drive lines for Agriculture, Construction, Forestry machinery
Number of employees
500 (2014)[1]


The NAF was founded on 24 March 1960 by the then mayor of Neunkirchen and member of Bavarian state parliament, Georg Hemmerlein, and the entrepreneur Kaspar Lochner from Munich, Germany. In 1968 the production of planetary axles started. In 1970, the research and development office in Munich was opened by Ernst Auer. In 1974 Helmut Weyhausen took over the company. Since 1976, bogie axles are manufactured. In 2002, the legal form of the NAF was changed to a corporation. Chairman of the Supervisory Board became Jochen Weyhausen-Sauer, followed by his son, Rigk Sauer.[5] In April 2012, longterm CEO, Ralf Sauer, changed into the Supervisory Board and was elected Chairman.


  • 1999 NAF Drive Systems Inc., Edmonton, Canada
  • 2007 NAF Russia GmbH, Ekaterinburg, Russia


The NAF manufactures heavy duty drive lines for off-road applications worldwide such as:

Products are:

  • axles
    • planetary bogie axles
    • portal bogie axles
    • planetary steering axles
    • planetary rigid axles
  • transfer cases
    • transfer cases
    • transfer cases for two hydraulic motors
  • components
    • differential gears
    • planetary hubs

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