Mont Donon

Mont Donon is the highest peak in the northern Vosges.[2] It is a Category 2 climb in the Tour de France.

Mont Donon
Donon Musée 01 05 2012 3.jpg
Temple-like structure built in 1869 at the summit of Mont Donon to protect archeological remains
Highest point
Elevation1,009 m (3,310 ft) [1]
Prominence270 m (890 ft)
Coordinates48°30′50″N 07°10′15″E / 48.51389°N 7.17083°E / 48.51389; 7.17083Coordinates: 48°30′50″N 07°10′15″E / 48.51389°N 7.17083°E / 48.51389; 7.17083
Mont Donon is located in France
Mont Donon
Mont Donon
LocationBas-Rhin, France
Parent rangeVosges Mountains

On Donon, there is an 80 metre tall lattice tower for TV transmission. Its TV transmission antennas are covered by a polymeric cylinder, which gives its structure a characteristic shape.

An engraved block of sandstone near the summit commemorates the conception of Victor Hugo[3].

Many archaeological remains of a Gallo-Roman sanctuary have been found on and around the top of the mountain. They are now displayed in the Musée archéologique de Strasbourg.

World War IEdit

During the earliest stages of World War I, Mount Donon was the site of heavy fighting between German and French troops between 14 August and 22 August 1914 and specially on 21 and 22 August.


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