Monique Proulx

Monique Proulx (born January 17, 1952 in Quebec City, Quebec) is a Canadian novelist, short story writer and screenwriter.[1][2] She is a two-time nominee for the Governor General's Award for French language fiction for Le Cœur est un muscle involontaire at the 2002 Governor General's Awards and Champagne at the 2008 Governor General's Awards, and won the Prix Québec-Paris in 1993 for Homme invisible à la fenêtre.[3]

As a screenwriter her credits have included the films The Big Snake of the World (Le Grand Serpent du monde), The Sex of the Stars (Le Sexe des étoiles), Streetheart (Le cœur au poing), Memories Unlocked (Souvenirs intimes) and Deliver Me (Délivrez-moi). She received two Genie Award nominations for Best Screenplay at the 20th Genie Awards in 2000, in both the Original Screenplay category for The Big Snake of the World and the Adapted Screenplay category for Memories Unlocked.


  • Sans cœur et sans reproche, (1983)
  • Le sexe des étoiles (1987)
  • Homme invisible à la fenêtre (1993)
    • Invisible Man at the Window (1994)
  • Les Aurores montréales (1996)
    • Aurora Montrealis (1997)
  • Le Cœur est un muscle involontaire (2002)
    • The Heart is an Involuntary Muscle (2003)
  • Champagne (2008)


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