Mo Awards

The Mo Awards, technically The Australian Entertainment Mo Awards, are annual Australian entertainment industry awards. They recognise achievements in live entertainment in Australia.

Mo Awards
Awarded forAchievement in Live Entertainment
First awarded1975; 45 years ago (1975)

The Mo Awards began as a state only honour in New South Wales known as the Star Awards when local entertainers started the awards to promote live entertainment in New South Wales. When Johnny O'Keefe became chairman in 1976, he decided the awards should become an Australia-wide national awards program. Don Lane then proposed the awards be renamed the Mo Awards in honour of Australian comedian and vaudevillian Roy Rene, who used the stage name "Mo McCackie." The award statue was designed by H. K. Fischer, model maker of Morisset.

The award categories are reviewed annually and are adapted to new trends in the Australian entertainment sector; categories currently include awards in: musical theatre, opera, Classical music, dance, comedy, rock music, jazz, country music, plays and variety shows.

The violinist Martin Lass won the Mo Award for Instrumental Excellence for seven years running from 1984 until 1990.

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