Mishoodaghi Mount is a mountain range in East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. It is located between Tasouj, Marand, and Shabestar cities. Mishodaghi peak has several peaks including: Ali-Alamdar (highest peak 3155 m), Falak daghi, Kooseh-Baba, and Uzoun-Bel.[1] Yam Ski Resort is located in northern foot hills of Mishodaghi.[2]

Mishoodaghi and its foothills in spring.
Highest point
Elevation2,847 m (9,341 ft) 
2,855 m (9,367 ft)
Coordinates38°19′33″N 45°37′14″E / 38.32583°N 45.62056°E / 38.32583; 45.62056Coordinates: 38°19′33″N 45°37′14″E / 38.32583°N 45.62056°E / 38.32583; 45.62056
Mishoodaghi is located in Iran
LocationEast Azerbaijan, Iran

Mishoodaghi has a diverse wild life. Since 2007, it is considered a protected area by Department of Environmental of Iran.

The best access route to Mishoodaghi is Road 32 (Iran) in between Tabriz-Marand. This road passes through north eastern hills of Mishoodaghi.


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