Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (Tanzania)

The Ministry of Health is a government ministry of Tanzania. Its central offices are located in Dodoma. Its mission is to "facilitate the provision of basic health services that are good, quality, equitable, accessible, affordable, sustainable[,] and gender sensitive".[1]

Ministry of Health, Tanzania
Wizara ya Afya Maendeleo ya Jamii,Jinsia ,Wazee na Watoto  (Swahili)
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It was merged with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children under John Magufuli's reforms.


The structure of the ministry is as follows:[2]

Office of the Chief Medical OfficerEdit

Preventive Services DivisionEdit

  • Epidemiology and Diseases Control Section
  • Reproductive and Child Health Section
  • Environmental Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Section
  • Health Education and Promotion Section
  • Nutritional Services Section

Curative Services DivisionEdit

  • Public and Private Health Services Section
  • Diagnostic and Health Care Technical Services Section
  • Traditional and Alternative Medicine Section
  • Oral Health Services Section
  • Non Communicable Diseases, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Section

Human Resources Development DivisionEdit

  • Health Human Resources Planning Section
  • Allied Health Sciences Training Section
  • Nursing Services Training Section
  • Continue Education and Postgraduate Training Section
  • Social Welfare Staff Development Section

Health Quality Assurance DivisionEdit

  • Pharmaceutical Services Section
  • Health Services Inspectorate and Quality Assurance Section
  • Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Section
  • Nursing Services Section

Social Welfare DivisionEdit

  • People with Disabilities and Elderly Persons Section
  • Family, Child Welfare Services and Early Childhood Development Section
  • Juvenile Justice Services Section

Administration and Human Resources Management DivisionEdit

  • Administration Section
  • Human Resources Management Section

Policy and Planning DivisionEdit

  • Policy Section
  • Planning Section
  • Monitoring Evaluation and Performance Reporting Section

Miscellaneous unitsEdit

  • Information and Communication Technology Unit
  • Legal Services Unit
  • Finance and Accounts Unit
  • Government Communication Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Procurement Management Unit


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