Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (Sweden)

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (Swedish: Socialdepartementet) is the ministry in the government of Sweden responsible for policies related to social welfare: financial security, social services, medical and health care, health promotion and the rights of children and disabled people.

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs
Agency overview
Formed1920 (1920)[1]
Employeesabout 200
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs employs approximately 200 members of staff. About 20 of these are political appointees and 180 non-politically appointed officials. The ministry is headed by the "Minister for Health and Social Affairs", Lena Hallengren (S). The other minister who serve at the Ministry is the Minister for Social Security Annika Strandhäll (S).

The ministry offices are located at Fredsgatan 8 in central Stockholm.

Government agencies and other bodiesEdit

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is principal for 17 government agencies, two state-owned companies (one, Systembolaget, operating a monopoly, and another one, Apoteket, operating as a government-owned, non-monopolistic entity) and two institutes.

Policy areasEdit

  • Health care, health, social issues/insurance
  • Housing and construction
  • Religious communities
  • State administration and public procurement


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