Minister for Financial Markets (Sweden)

The Minister for Financial Markets (Swedish: finansmarknadsminister) is a cabinet minister within the Swedish Government and appointed by the Prime Minister of Sweden.

Minister for Financial Markets
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Per Bolund 2014.jpg
Per Bolund

since 3 October 2014
AppointerThe Prime Minister
Inaugural holderGunnar Lund
Formation21 October 2002

The minister is responsible for issues regarding financial markets, municipalities and counties, gambling and state-owned companies. The Minister for Financial Markets is also deputy Minister for Finance. The current Minister for Financial Markets is Per Bolund, appointed on 3 October 2014.

List of Ministers for Financial MarketsEdit

Name Term Political Party Prime Minister
  Gunnar Lund 2002–2004 Social Democrats   Göran Persson
  Sven-Erik Österberg 2004–2006 Social Democrats
  Mats Odell 2006–2010 Christian Democrats   Fredrik Reinfeldt
  Peter Norman 2010–2014 Moderate Party
  Per Bolund 2014– Green Party   Stefan Löfven