Map of Minamitsuru District in Yamanashi Prefecture

Minamitsuru (南都留郡, Minamitsuru-gun) is a rural district located in southeastern Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

As of July 2012, the district had an estimated population of 48,832 and a population density of 116 persons per km². The total area was 420.78 km².

The district formerly included the cities of Fujiyoshida, Tsuru and a portion of the city of Uenohara. It currently consists of the following two towns and four villages:


Historic Map of Minamitsuru District

1. - Dōshi
2. - Nishikatsura
3. - Oshino
4. - Yamnakako
5. - Narusawa
6. - Fujikawaguchiko

yellow - areas formerly within the original district boundaries
green - area added later to the original district

Minamitsuru District was founded during the early Meiji period establishment of the municipalities system on July 22, 1878 and initially consisted of 21 villages.

Recent mergersEdit

Coordinates: 35°30′25″N 138°45′14″E / 35.507°N 138.754°E / 35.507; 138.754