Millennium site

Millennium site marker in Vennesla

A millennium site (Norwegian: tusenårssted) is a site selected by a Norwegian municipality or county municipality to mark the transition to the 2000s. In Norway it was decided that the counties and municipalities would choose one millennium site for each county and municipality.[1][2]

County millennium sitesEdit

The point of departure for the Ministry of Culture, which was behind the concept of the millennium sites, was that there should be a millennium site in each county, and that these should be designated by 2005. The millennium sites were also seen as connected with the centennial of the 1905 dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden.

The goal of the county millennium sites is to contribute to taking care of edifices, institutions, cultural environments, natural areas, and so on of great historical, cultural, and environmental value and marking them in a special way. The millennium sites were to have a national cultural and environmental significance that goes beyond the individual county. This goal was to say something about what makes a place a millennium site in the county, and why it was desired to give this place that status. The guidelines for selecting the county millennium sites were determined by the Ministry of Culture, and government support was provided for the millennium sites.

It was a condition for the county millennium sites that they should have some significance for the entire nation. For example, the royal seat of Avaldsnes in Rogaland at the Nordvegen History Center marks Harald Fairhair's gathering of the smaller chiefdoms and petty kingdoms into one kingdom. The Eidsvoll 1814 Political Center in Eidsvoll in Akershus marks democratic governance in the country. Sites such as Avaldsnes, Eidsvoll, and the Petter Dass Museum in Alstahaug are county millennium sites because they have significance beyond the local community and the county where they are located. People from all parts of the country recall details from historical times that create associations of something in common transcending the individual county when such places are mentioned.

The state emphasized two main measures in its goal for the millennium sites: conservation and marking. Conservation involves setting up buildings and cultural landscapes, making improvements, and making the site easily accessible to the public. The millennium sites should also be physically marked, such as with a plaque, sculpture, or building. Other marking methods could include activities and events.

List of county millennium sitesEdit

County Millennium site Homepage
Akershus Eidsvoll 1814, Eidsvoll Manor Center homepage
Aust-Agder Næs ironworks Ironworks museum's homepahe
Buskerud Veien Cultural Heritage Park Veien Cultural Heritage Park website
Finnmark The town of Vardø
Hedmark Cathedral Ruins in Hamar Hedmark Museum homepage
Hordaland The Hardanger district
Møre og Romsdal Art Nouveau Center Center homepage
Nord-Trøndelag Norveg Coastal Culture and Industry Center[3] Center homepage
Nordland Petter Dass Museum in Alstahaug[4]
Oppland Dale-Gudbrand's farm in Hundorp
Oslo Medieval Oslo Information page at the Medieval Oslo Association
Østfold Fredriksten Fortress Millennium site homepage
Rogaland The village of Avaldsnes
Sogn og Fjordane Gulating Homepage
Sør-Trøndelag Trøndelag Folk Museum
Telemark Telemark Canal Homepage
Troms Hålogaland Theater Homepage
Vest-Agder Lindesnes Lighthouse Homepage
Vestfold Midgard Historical Center and Borre Park Homepage

Municipal millennium sitesEdit

At the municipal level, the millennium sites were to be a physical manifestation the turn of the millennium and were to be chosen through a local selection process. The place could be a busy square used for trade, a promenade along a river, a well-known bridge or ferry quay, a monumental space, or a quiet place off the beaten track.

In an information circular from the Ministry of Culture from May 1999, Minister Anne Enger wrote that "the millennium sites will be a meeting place for various user groups linked to a new or existing building, facility, square, cultural environment, nature area, and so on. The funds should preferably be used to establish a new 'location', possibly upgrading an existing one beyond its usual maintenance. For those municipalities that for various reasons do not find it appropriate to establish a special millennium site, the subsidy may be used to improve public spaces in the municipality."

Financial support amounting to NOK 119,500 was given to the municipalities by the organizing company Tusenårsskiftet-Norge 2000 AS. The organizing company was a fully state-owned company whose purpose was to prepare and carry out marking the new millennium and the centenary of the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905.[5]

List of municipal millennium sitesEdit

Municipality County Millennium site Website
Åfjord Sør-Trøndelag Dragseid prehistoric burial site[6] Website
Agdenes Sør-Trøndelag Fjølåsen settlement[7] Municipal website
Ål Buskerud Hallingtunet stage in Ål Public Park[8]
Ålesund Møre og Romsdal Molja Lighthouse and Molovegen (Mole Street)[9]
Alstahaug Nordland Old Sandnes
Alta Finnmark No site
Alvdal Hedmark Aukrust Center[10] Center homepage
Åmli Aust-Agder Elvarheim Museum Municipal website
Åmot Hedmark Nesvangen, a plain
Andebu Vestfold Downtown park
Andøy Nordland The harbor
Årdal Sogn og Fjordane Squares in Årdalstangen and Øvre Årdal
Aremark Østfold The Furulund area
Arendal Aust-Agder Arendal Square
Ås Akershus Town hall neighborhood
Åseral Vest-Agder No site
Asker Akershus Semsvannet and vicinity[11]
Askim Østfold Østfold Pool at the Cultural Center Pool website
Askøy Hordaland Cultural center in Hetlevik Center website
Askvoll Sogn og Fjordane Askvoll parsonage garden
Åsnes Hedmark Utsikten Park[12]
Audnedal Vest-Agder No site
Aukra Møre og Romsdal Square in downtown Falkhytten near the municipal office
Aure Møre og Romsdal Aure Church and town Municipal website
Aurland Sogn og Fjordane Site where the old stave church stood
Aurskog-Høland Akershus Millennium Site Park
Austevoll Hordaland Storebø
Austrheim Hordaland Ambient street and central area in Årås/Sætre
Averøy Møre og Romsdal Kvernes cultural area[13]
Bærum Akershus Høvikodden, a headland[14]
Balestrand Sogn og Fjordane Balehaugen, a Viking burial site
Ballangen Nordland Husvannet, a lake
Balsfjord Troms Fjord Museum in Storsteinnes
Bamble Telemark Krogshavn, a park[15]
Bardu Troms Bardu Church, church park and river park[16]
Båtsfjord Finnmark Båtsfjord Recreation Center
Beiarn Nordland Beiarn Open-Air Museum
Berg Troms Geitskar Tunnel
Bergen Hordaland Fana Church and surrounding landscape
Bindal Nordland Kjeldeide, an isthmus
Birkenes Aust-Agder Tobias Jorde, a performance venue
Bjarkøy Troms Folkvang, Fredvang, and Trudvang (youth clubs)
Bjerkreim Rogaland Central square in Bjerkreim
Bjugn Sør-Trøndelag Mølnargården, an open-air museum[17] Homepage
Berlevåg Finnmark Park by the Second World War monument
Nordland Area near the primary schools
Telemark Kvennøya, an open-air museum
Bodø Nordland Nyholmen Sconce
Bokn Rogaland Site with a stream driving a horizontal mill
Bømlo Hordaland Moster Amfi (an amphitheater) and church history center Moster Amfi homepage
Bremanger Sogn og Fjordane The Gloføyke Farm, a Stone Age site
Brønnøy Nordland Brønnøy Church and Brønnøysund's old church site
Bygland Aust-Agder Byglandsfjord Station
Bykle Aust-Agder Hegni, a former settlement and recreation area
Dønna Nordland Old Nordvik Trading Post
Dovre Oppland Dombås Cinema and Cultural Center[18]
Drammen Buskerud Bragernes Square[19]
Drangedal Telemark A beach on Lake Toke[20]
Dyrøy Troms The Elvetun Farm[21]
Eid Sogn og Fjordane Malakoff, a former military drilling ground in Nordfjordeid Homepage
Eide Møre og Romsdal Solvang youth center in Lyngstad with outdoor facilities
Eidfjord Hordaland Park near the municipal office
Eidsberg Østfold The northern part of David Blid Street (David Blidsgate)
Eidskog Hedmark Peace monument at Morokulien
Eidsvoll Akershus Eidsvoll Manor
Eigersund Rogaland Culture School Homepage
Elverum Hedmark Rådhusplassen (Town Hall Square)[22]
Enebakk Akershus Enebakk Church
Engerdal Hedmark Outdoor area at Engerdal Hall Municipal website
Etne Hordaland Farm and church at Stødle
Etnedal Oppland Bruflat
Evenes Nordland Evenes Church
Evje og Hornnes Aust-Agder A place at Hornnes Auxiliary Prison and one at Verksmoen
Farsund Vest-Agder Farsund Square with a pavilion
Fauske Nordland Fauske Museum Museum website
Fedje Hordaland Waiting room at the ferry station
Fet Akershus Flood mark at Fetsund Booms
Finnøy Rogaland Teigen Amphitheater
Fitjar Hordaland Håkon Park in central Fitjar
Fjaler Sogn og Fjordane Millennium Park, sexton's farm
Fjell Hordaland Langøy Coastal Cultural Center Center homepage
Flakstad Nordland Flakstad Church
Flatanger Nord-Trøndelag Meeting place at Stranda
Flekkefjord Vest-Agder Cultural center in the cinema block[23]
Flesberg Buskerud Stevningsmogen Recreation Park Municipal website
Flora Sogn og Fjordane Square
Flå Buskerud Home of the actor Kolbjørn Buøen at Grønvold
Folldal Hedmark Folldal Mines Mine website
Førde Sogn og Fjordane Area in the town park
Forsand Rogaland Square in front of the Forsand Cultural Center
Fosnes Nord-Trøndelag Three separate sites
Fræna Møre og Romsdal Multipurpose center in Elnesvågen
Fredrikstad Østfold Site in the park near the town hall
Frei Møre og Romsdal Rastarkalv, a medieval battle site
Frogn Akershus Swimming park[24]
Froland Aust-Agder Frolands Verk Cultural Center Center homepage
Frosta Nord-Trøndelag No site
Frøya Sør-Trøndelag Kya, a former fishing village[25]
Fusa Hordaland Central Leiro area in Eikelandsosen
Fyresdal Telemark Fyresdal Open Air Museum Museum website
Gamvik Finnmark No site
Gaular Sogn og Fjordane The Osen Farm[26]
Gausdal Oppland Gausdal Cultural Center
Gildeskål Nordland Gildeskål Church Site
Giske Møre og Romsdal Giske Church and surrounding area
Gjemnes Møre og Romsdal Rådhusplassen (Town Hall Square)
Gjerdrum Akershus Square outside the cultural center
Gjerstad Aust-Agder Surrounding area
Gjesdal Rogaland Veveritorget (Weaver Square)
Gjøvik Oppland The Gjøvik Farm Museum website
Gloppen Sogn og Fjordane Heradsplassen (Village Square)[27]
Gol Buskerud Gol Community Center, with outdoor area by school and Sentrumsparken (Central Park)
Gran Oppland The village of Granavollen
Grane Nordland Grane Open Air Museum Museum website
Granvin Hordaland Trudvang Youth Center
Gratangen Troms Addition to parish hall at Gratangen Church
Grimstad Aust-Agder Fjære Church
Grong Nord-Trøndelag Fiskum Falls, Formo Falls, and Tømmerås Falls[28]
Grue Hedmark Downtown Kirkenær
Gulen Sogn og Fjordane Gulating (shared with the county)[29] Homepage
Rogaland Square at the harbor in Obrestad
Hadsel Nordland Richard Withs plass (Richard With Square) and Coastal Express Building
Hægebostad Vest-Agder Snartemo Stone Monument Park
Halden Østfold Fredriksten fortress
Halsa Møre og Romsdal Halsa Center[30] Municipal website
Hamar Hedmark Cathedral Ruins in Hamar Museum homepage
Hamarøy Nordland The Skogheim Farm
Hammerfest Finnmark Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and North Troms Museum homepage
Haram Møre og Romsdal Old Haram Churchyard
Hareid Møre og Romsdal Central square
Harstad Troms The parish of Trondenes
Hasvik Finnmark Sandvika recreation area Municipal website
Hattfjelldal Nordland Fjellfolkets hus, a multipurpose community center Homepage
Haugesund Rogaland Harald's Mound
Hemne Sør-Trøndelag Nerøra, square in front of the town hall
Hemnes Nordland Lapphella neighborhood in Hemnesberget[31]
Hemsedal Buskerud Klokkarsteinen, a rock formation
Herøy Møre og Romsdal The Herøy Farm
Herøy Nordland Herøy Church and Open Air Museum
Hitra Sør-Trøndelag Sør-Trøndelag Coastal Museum[32] Museum website
Hjartdal Telemark Heddal Mill[33]
Hjelmeland Rogaland Outdoor stage in Hjelmelandsvågen
Hobøl Østfold Vestre Bråte Open Air Museum[34] Municipal website
Hof Vestfold Solvang, a park
Hol Buskerud Hallingskarvet Mountains[35]
Hole Buskerud Vik Square
Holmestrand Vestfold Dr. Graaruds plass (Dr. Graarud Square) with extension of Nysgjerrig Square Homepage
Holtålen Sør-Trøndelag Old farm with Haltdalen Stave Church[36]
Hornindal Sogn og Fjordane Laurapromenaden (Laura Promenade)
Horten Vestfold Cultural center at Storgata 37 Website
Høyanger Sogn og Fjordane Town square in Høyanger[37] Municipal website
Høylandet Nord-Trøndelag Humoristen, a stone monument
Hurdal Akershus Dahle Center
Hurum Buskerud Hovtun municipal building, Hurum Church, and surrounding area
Hvaler Østfold Hvaler Church and surrounding area
Hyllestad Sogn og Fjordane Millstone Park Homepage
Ibestad Troms Ibestad church site
Inderøy Nord-Trøndelag Muustrø Park Website
Iveland Aust-Agder The area around Birketveittjønna, a lake
Jevnaker Oppland Hadeland Glass Works Glass works homepage
Jølster Sogn og Fjordane The village of Ålhus
Jondal Hordaland Hereiane, a natural mountain area
Kåfjord Troms Pavilion in Kongeparken (King Park) in Olderdalen
Karasjok Finnmark Oalgevárri (a hill) and the old Karasjok Church
Karlsøy Troms Square and park at the ferry port in Hansnes
Karmøy Rogaland Nordvegen History Center at Avaldsnes Website
Kautokeino Finnmark Durkkihanvárri (a hill)
Klæbu Sør-Trøndelag Old festival hall at Seminarplassen
Klepp Rogaland Kleppevarden (a hill)[38]
Kongsberg Buskerud Church Square
Kongsvinger Hedmark Kongsvinger Fortress
Kragerø Telemark Beach promenade along Blindtarmen Marina
Kristiansand Vest-Agder Tresse Park along the Kristiansand Boardwalk
Kristiansund Møre og Romsdal Reconstructed town[39] Website
Krødsherad Buskerud Bjørøya, an islet
Kvæfjord Troms Hemmestad wharf and Trastad Collections Museum wharf, Museum collection
Kvænangen Troms Vapsgieddi/Noaidegieddi cultural landscape
Kvalsund Finnmark No site
Kvam Hordaland Hardanger Maritime Museum Museum website
Kvinesdal Vest-Agder Fjotland Open Air Museum Museum website
Kvinnherad Hordaland The villages of Husnes and Rosendal
Kviteseid Telemark The village of Kviteseid
Kvitsøy Rogaland The Kvitsøy bascule light
Lærdal Sogn og Fjordane Old Lærdalsøyri, a heritage village Website
Lardal Vestfold Kjærra Bridge Kjærra Park website
Larvik Vestfold inner harbor
Lavangen Troms Soløy archaeological site
Lebesby Finnmark The village of Kunes
Leikanger Sogn og Fjordane No site
Leirfjord Nordland Cultural center in Leland
Leka Nord-Trøndelag Herlaughallen cultural center and sports hall
Leksvik Nord-Trøndelag Square next to the Leksvik municipal office
Lenvik Troms Lake Finnsnes and Arvid Hanssens plass (Arvid Hanssen Square)
Lesja Oppland Lesja Open Air Museum Museum website
Levanger Nord-Trøndelag The village of Stiklestad
Lier Buskerud Lier Open Air Museum[40][41]
Lierne Nord-Trøndelag Sørli museum[42] Museum website
Lillehammer Oppland Stortorget (Big Square)
Lillesand Aust-Agder Havnetomta park and recreation center
Lindås Hordaland Haakon the Good's burial mound (Håkonshaugen) at Seim[43][44] Website
Lindesnes Vest-Agder Kråkevika beach and theater[45]
Lødingen Nordland Hjertholmen, an islet
Lom Oppland Old Lom parsonage (now Lom library) and Lom Stave Church
Loppa Finnmark Multipurpose center in Øksfjord
Lørenskog Akershus Square in the new Lørenskog downtown
Løten Hedmark Løten Arena
Lund Rogaland Moi Station
Lunner Oppland Frøystad School
Lurøy Nordland Lurøy Church
Luster Sogn og Fjordane Park in Gaupne
Lyngdal Vest-Agder Lyngdal cultural center
Lyngen Troms No site
Målselv Troms Mål River watercourse[46]
Malvik Sør-Trøndelag Church lodge at Malvik Church
Mandal Vest-Agder Vigeland House Museum website
Marker Østfold Tangen receational area
Marnardal Vest-Agder Høgtun cultural center
Masfjorden Hordaland The fjord
Måsøy Finnmark Havøysund Square
Meland Hordaland Frekhaug Torg (Frekhaug Square)
Meldal Sør-Trøndelag No site
Melhus Sør-Trøndelag Gimse, Rimol, and Sagastien history park[47]
Meløy Nordland The Meløy Farm, Meløy Church and memorial stones next to the church[48] Municipal website
Meråker Nord-Trøndelag Internet café
Midsund Møre og Romsdal Area around Krabbevikbua, the marina in the downtown area
Midtre Gauldal Sør-Trøndelag Buosen, a recreation area
Modalen Hordaland Mo Church
Modum Buskerud Stasjonsevja, a park area in Geithus
Molde Møre og Romsdal Rådhustaket: the area west of the cathedral, town hall square, and square with canal front
Moskenes Nordland Amphitheater Website
Moss Østfold Mosse Falls and Convention Farm
Mosvik Nord-Trøndelag Petroglyphs at Kvennavika Directorate for Cultural Heritage website
Nærøy Nord-Trøndelag Nærøya, an island
Namdalseid Nord-Trøndelag Sjøåsen recreation area
Namsos Nord-Trøndelag Spillum Steam Sawmill & Planing Mill Museum website
Namsskogan Nord-Trøndelag No site
Nannestad Akershus No site
Narvik Nordland Geology Museum
Naustdal Sogn og Fjordane Outdoor swimming area at Sanden
Nedre Eiker Buskerud Former soccer field in Krokstadelva
Nes Akershus Nes Church ruins
Nes Buskerud Eidal General Store in the Rukke Valley Eidal General Store at DigitaltMuseum
Nesna Nordland Zahl Bridge
Nesodden Akershus Vanntårnet Gallery and the surrounding area Gallery website
Nesseby Finnmark Varanger Sami Museum Museum website
Nesset Møre og Romsdal Nesset Parsonage[49]
Nissedal Telemark Old engine shed with surrounding area, known as "Sommarsletta"
Nittedal Akershus Site on the north side of the town hall
Nome Telemark Nome beach
Nord-Aurdal Oppland Skiferplassen (Slate Square) in Fagernes
Norddal Møre og Romsdal Sylte, the municipal center in Valldal
Nord-Fron Oppland Vinstra coaching inn
Nordkapp Finnmark Steps
Nord-Odal Hedmark Sandfossen, an old industrial area
Nordreisa Troms Halti Kven Cultural and National Park Center
Nordre Land Oppland Theater building at Lands Museum Museum homepage
Nore og Uvdal Buskerud Square between the Nore Power Plant and Rødberg Train Station
Nøtterøy Vestfold Fagertun lensmann's farm[50] Website
Notodden Telemark Bok- og Blueshuset cultural center Center website
Odda Hordaland Tyssedal Hydroelectric Power Station
Øksnes Nordland Harbor in Myre
Ølen Hordaland and Rogaland (now part of Vindafjord) Joa-Kari park in downtown Ølen
Oppdal Sør-Trøndelag Outdoor area at the cultural center
Oppegård Akershus The Østre Greverud Farm[51] Municipal website
Orkdal Sør-Trøndelag Station area at Fannrem[52] Website
Ørland Sør-Trøndelag The Austrått Farm
Ørskog Møre og Romsdal Lerkelunden, a moor[53]
Ørsta Møre og Romsdal The Svendsen Farm (Svendsengarden), a property in downtown Ørsta[54][55]
Os Hedmark Os community center
Os Hordaland Kyrkjeflaten, a park
Osen Sør-Trøndelag Pavilion in the downtown area
Oslo Oslo Medieval Oslo
Osterøy Hordaland Hamre Church and the area around the town hall and sports hall
Østre Toten Oppland Hoff Field (Hoffsvangen)[56]
Overhalla Nord-Trøndelag Ranem Church
Øvre Eiker Buskerud Old district judge's residence and park in Hokksund[57]
Øyer Oppland Stav, a marketplace
Øygarden Hordaland Øygarden Coastal Museum area Museum website
Øystre Slidre Oppland Public library
Porsanger Finnmark Børselv and Kven culture and language center
Porsgrunn Telemark Area between the town hall and the river with Rådhusplass (Town Hall Square) and parts of the Østre Brygge area
Råde Østfold Karlshusbakken recreation area[58]
Radøy Hordaland Radøy cultural landscape
Rælingen Akershus Bjønnåsen, a hill[59]
Rakkestad Østfold Rakkestad Open Air Museum Municipal website
Ramnes Vestfold (now part of Re) Millpond and surrounding area[60]
Rana Nordland Old square in front of Moholmen
Randaberg Rogaland Center
Rauma Møre og Romsdal Square at the train station
Rendalen Hedmark The Pilgrim Stone (or Åkre Stone) at Fagertun School in Åkre
Rennebu Sør-Trøndelag Outdoor stage between Berkåk School and Rennebu Hall[61]
Rennesøy Rogaland Site associated with a gravestone near downtown Vikevåg
Re Vestfold Millpond and surrounding area and Våle Parsonage
Rindal Møre og Romsdal Rindal Open Air Museum and new ski museum[62] Museum website
Ringebu Oppland Ringebu Stave Church with surrounding area, Ringebu Parsonage, and Gildesvolden (a former rampart)[63]
Ringerike Buskerud Hringariki Heritage Park
Ringsaker Hedmark The Mo Farm[64][65] Municipal website
Rissa Sør-Trøndelag Amphitheater between the Stadsbygd Parsonage garden and Coastal Heritage Museum in Stadsbygd
Risør Aust-Agder Square
Roan Sør-Trøndelag Roan Church, a.k.a. Fosen cathedral[66]
Rødøy Nordland Selsøyvik Trading Post
Rollag Buskerud Area around Rollag Stave Church
Rømskog Østfold The Kurøen Farm
Røros Sør-Trøndelag Malmplassen (Malm Square)
Røst Nordland Brygga Trading Post
Røyken Buskerud Old road
Røyrvik Nord-Trøndelag Two assembly buildings: Gudøyvangen and the municipal building in Røyrvik
Rygge Østfold Rygge Open Air Museum[67]
Salangen Troms Lundbrygga Museum Museum website
Saltdal Nordland Rognan wharves
Samnanger Hordaland Ytre Tysse activity trail[68]
Sandefjord Vestfold Jernbanealleen (Railroad Street)
Sande Møre og Romsdal Kongsvollen, an open-air recreation area on Sandsøya
Sande Vestfold Sande Square[69]
Sandnes Rogaland Millennium logo at the train station and Millennium Park
Sandøy Møre og Romsdal Center development project, not carried out
Sarpsborg Østfold Sarpsborg torg (Sarpsborg Square)[70]
Sauda Rogaland Rådhusplassen (Town Hall Square)
Sauherad Telemark Patmos Sculpture Park[71] Website
Selbu Sør-Trøndelag Music pavilion and square in downtown Selbu
Selje Sogn og Fjordane Selje Abbey Website
Seljord Telemark Seljord Church
Sel Oppland Station Park
Sigdal Buskerud Sigdal Museum Museum homepage
Siljan Telemark Former coal depot (now a performance venue) at Moholt Ironworks[72]
Sirdal Vest-Agder Dorga Falls
Skånland Troms Skånland Multipurpose Center
Skaun Sør-Trøndelag Church ruins at Husaby Directorate for Cultural Heritage website
Skedsmo Akershus Sag Park
Ski Akershus Park area next to the town hall
Skien Telemark The Morild project: lighting and fountains along the Skien River
Skiptvet Østfold Local history archive
Skjåk Oppland Old drying house at Skamsar Bridge
Skjerstad Nordland (now part of Bodø) Graddholm, an islet
Skjervøy Troms Site connected with the dog musher Leonhard Seppala
Skodje Møre og Romsdal Millennium Park around Jentekolonien, a girls' camp Website
Smøla Møre og Romsdal Center and area on Edøya
Snåsa Nord-Trøndelag Snåsa Church and surrounding area
Snillfjord Sør-Trøndelag Square between the town hall and Coop store in Krokstadøra
Sogndal Sogn og Fjordane Square in front of the Sogndal Cultural Center
Søgne Vest-Agder Old Søgne Parsonage Cultural Center
Sokndal Rogaland Old Hauge School Cultural Center
Sola Rogaland Tananger Church and park at the cultural center
Solund Sogn og Fjordane Coastal arboretum at Hardbakke
Sømna Nordland Kirkehaugen, a hill in Vik[73]
Søndre Land Oppland Fall River[74]
Songdalen Vest-Agder Paal-Helge Haugen Park
Sør-Aurdal Oppland Bagnsmoen trading post[75] with Vangen (a mountain farm) and Ulekyrkjetomta (a former stave church site) Website
Sør-Fron Oppland Dale-Gudbrand's farm in Hundorp[76]
Sør-Odal Hedmark Lyshuset Gallery[77]
Sør-Varanger Finnmark Malmklang Cultural Center
Sørfold Nordland No site
Sørreisa Troms Kramvig Wharf,[78] a former commercial building
Sortland Nordland Minnelunden (the old cemetery site)[79][80]
Sørum Akershus Urskog–Høland Line
Spydeberg Østfold Nesparken (Headland Park)[81]
Stange Hedmark Stange Church
Stavanger Rogaland Square, Blue Promenade, and city park
Steigen Nordland Allhus (a sports hall)
Steinkjer Nord-Trøndelag Steinkjer Torg (Steinkjer Square)
Stjørdal Nord-Trøndelag Square
Stokke Vestfold Bokemoa, a moor
Stordal Møre og Romsdal Ytste Skotet, a historical farm Museum website
Stord Hordaland Leirvik Torg (Leirvik Square)[82]
Stor-Elvdal Hedmark Center, marked with sculpture
Storfjord Troms Old marketplace in Skibotn[83]
Stranda Møre og Romsdal Four sites selected by the district councils
Strand Rogaland Park in Grahamshagen
Stryn Sogn og Fjordane Per Bolstad plass (Per Bolstad Square)
Sula Møre og Romsdal Downtown park
Suldal Rogaland Square and amphitheater behind the cultural center
Sund Hordaland Glesvær Trading Post
Sunndal Møre og Romsdal Øratorget (Øra Square)
Surnadal Møre og Romsdal Surnadal Cultural Center Homepage
Sveio Hordaland Ryvarden Lighthouse
Svelvik Vestfold Northern part of Batteriøya, an island[84]
Sykkylven Møre og Romsdal Auremarka, a museum site
Tana Finnmark No site
Time Rogaland Bryne Mill
Tingvoll Møre og Romsdal Church area[85]
Tinn Telemark Vemork hydroelectric plant
Tjeldsund Nordland Tjeldsund Museum
Tjøme Vestfold Square at Verdens Ende[86]
Tokke Telemark Vest-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg
Tolga Hedmark Tolgen cabin site
Tønsberg Vestfold Slottsfjellet, a hill
Torsken Troms Grunnfarnes Inlet[87]
Tranøy Troms Tranøya, an island
Træna Nordland Træna Hall[88]
Trøgstad Østfold Skjønhaug torv (Skjønhaug Square)[89]
Tromsø Troms Skansen, a redoubt[90][91]
Trondheim Sør-Trøndelag Five different sites in the town
Trysil Hedmark Royal Park (Kongeparken) in Nybergsund[92]
Tustna Møre og Romsdal (now part of Aure) Kråksund Fishing Museum
Tvedestrand Aust-Agder Town hall and pier
Tydal Sør-Trøndelag Brekka Open Air Museum
Tynset Hedmark Rambu leisure club
Tysfjord Nordland Korsnes historical site
Tysnes Hordaland Olav Society settlement at Onarheim
Tysvær Rogaland Lars Hertervig Plass (Lars Hertervig Square) next to Aksdal Church
Ullensaker Akershus Protected landscape around Nordby Pond
Ullensvang Hordaland Utne, a village
Ulstein Møre og Romsdal Town hall lawn
Ulvik Hordaland The commons
Utsira Rogaland The commons in Nordevågen
Vadsø Finnmark No site
Værøy Nordland Schoolyard at Værøy School
Vågå Oppland Vågå Cultural Center
Vågan Nordland Vágamot/Storvågan project Museum homepage
Vågsøy Sogn og Fjordane Moldøen, an island[93]
Vaksdal Hordaland Skipshelleren, a rock overhang[94]
Våle Vestfold (now part of Re) Våle Parsonage[95]
Våler Hedmark Meeting place at the Sparebanken Hedmark premises
Våler Østfold The village of Kirkebygden
Valle Aust-Agder School area
Vang Oppland Høre Stave Church and surrounding area
Vanylven Møre og Romsdal No site
Vardø Finnmark No site
Vefsn Nordland Dolstad Open Air Museum
Vega Nordland Vega Open Air Museum
Vegårshei Aust-Agder Myra Park
Vennesla Vest-Agder Setesdal Line
Verdal Nord-Trøndelag Stiklestad National Cultural Center website
Verran Nord-Trøndelag No site
Vestby Akershus Vestby Parsonage Municipal website
Vestnes Møre og Romsdal Area between Kataholmen (a former islet) and the Lars Hammeraas statue on Sjøgata in the village of Helland
Vestre Slidre Oppland The Gardberg site with the Einang stone
Vestre Toten Oppland Church stables at Ås Church
Vestvågøy Nordland Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg Museum website
Vevelstad Nordland Open air museum with surrounding area
Vikna Nord-Trøndelag Norveg coastal culture center[96] Museum website
Vik Sogn og Fjordane Fridtjofparken (Frithiof Park) in Vangsnes
Vindafjord Rogaland Park facility in Sandeid and Joa-Kari Park in Ølen
Vinje Telemark Mjonøy cabins[97] Website
Volda Møre og Romsdal Uppheimsplassen (Uppheim Park) in downtown Volda[98]
Voss Hordaland Voss Church and Prestegardslandet, the adjacent parsonage farm


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