Milíře (Tachov District)

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Milíře (German: (Tachauer) Albersdörfer Brand) is a village in the Czech Republic, in the region of Plzeň, near the town of Tachov (German: Tachau).

Map of the Czech Republic highlighting Milíře
Map of the Czech Republic highlighting Milíře
Coordinates: 49°47′40″N 12°33′12″E / 49.79444°N 12.55333°E / 49.79444; 12.55333
CountryCzech Republic
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

The first written document mentioning Milíře comes from 1669. The church of Saints Peter and Paul was built in 1814.

In 1946 most German-speaking inhabitants, the majority in the village and the Tachov area, were expelled. After the war, the area was only partly repopulated.

After the "Velvet Revolution" (1989), German companies started to operate factories to make use of the cheap labour in the Tachov area. However, the area is still among the economically least-developed Czech regions.

In 1999, the future king of the Netherlands, Prince Willem-Alexander, came to Miliře to shoot pheasants.

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Konstantinovy Lázně, Rozvadov, Stříbro, Kladruby, chateau Trpisty, Halže, Tachov.

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