Socket 495, sometimes referred to as µPGA2 is a CPU socket for the Intel Pentium III and Celeron mobile processors. This socket was also used in Microsoft's Xbox Console, but in a BGA (ball grid array) format. This socket replaced Socket 615 (µPGA1), which was used in Pentium II and early Celeron mobile processors.

Socket 495
aka µPGA2
Intel µPGA2 socket.JPG
Chip form factorsFlip-chip pin grid array (FC-PGA2)
FSB protocolAGTL+
Voltage range1.6-1.7V
ProcessorsIntel Celeron
PredecessorSocket 615
SuccessorSocket 479

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Technical specificationsEdit

This socket is a 495 pin CPU socket designed to house any processor in the Socket 495 package. The socket has a 1.27mm pitch and is designed to support a heatsink.[1]

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