Merzig (French: Mercy); (Moselle Franconian: Meerzisch/Miërzësch) is the capital of the district Merzig-Wadern, in Saarland, Germany with about 30,000 inhabitants in 17 municipalities on 108 km². It is situated on the river Saar, approx. 35 km south of Trier, and 35 km northwest of Saarbrücken.

Town hall in Merzig
Town hall in Merzig
Flag of Merzig
Coat of arms of Merzig
Coat of arms
Location of Merzig within Merzig-Wadern district
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Merzig is located in Germany
Merzig is located in Saarland
Coordinates: 49°27′N 6°37′E / 49.450°N 6.617°E / 49.450; 6.617Coordinates: 49°27′N 6°37′E / 49.450°N 6.617°E / 49.450; 6.617
 • MayorMarcus Hoffeld (CDU)
 • Total108.79 km2 (42.00 sq mi)
172 m (564 ft)
 • Total29,795
 • Density270/km2 (710/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes06861, 06869
Vehicle registrationMZG


Historical affiliations

  Roman Empire 369–5th century
Franks 5th century
Francia->Carolingian Empire 481–888
  Bishopric->Prince-Bishopric->Electorate of Trier 888–1333
  Duchy of Lorraine/  Electorate of Trier 1333–1766 (condominium)
  Kingdom of France/  Electorate of Trier 1766–1778 (condominium)
  Electorate of Trier 1778–1794
  French Republic->French Empire 1794–1815
  Kingdom of Prussia 1815–1871
  German Empire 1871–1918
  Territory of the Saar Basin 1920–1935
  Nazi Germany 1935–1945
  Saar Protectorate 1947–1956
  West Germany 1957–1990
  Germany 1990–present

Evolution of the nameEdit

Stamp of the Deutsche Bundespost commemorating the 1957 centennial of Merzig receiving city rights.
  369 Martiaticum
  870 Martia
1338 Mertzige
1478 Mertzych
1497 Mertzig
1499 Mertzigh, Mertzych

In addition to the above, the city was known under French rule as Mercy.


Romanesque St. Peter's Church
Neoclassical St. Mary's Chapel

Merzig was created in 1974 as part of the territorial reform in Saarland. The present-day city consists of the previous town of Merzig and 16 surrounding municipalities. The population of the present city, including all outlying districts (as of June 30, 2011):

Municipality Population
Merzig 10,934
Ballern 1,189
Besseringen 2,979
Bietzen 968
Brotdorf 3,733
Büdingen 310
Fitten 706
Harlingen 565
Hilbringen 2,569
Mechern 834
Menningen 635
Merchingen 939
Mondorf 768
Schwemlingen 2,186
Silwingen 387
Weiler 350
Wellingen 291
Total 30,343

Culture and sightsEdit


  • Expeditionary Museum Werner Freund
  • Fine mechanical museum in the Fellenbergmühle
  • Museum of Local History in Fellenberg Castle
  • B-Werk Besseringen
  • Saarland Psychiatric Museum[2]


  • Church of St. Peter
  • Historic townhouse („Altes Rathaus“)
  • Diverse baroque buildings such as Halfenhaus, Staadt-Marx's Bürgerhaus, Hilbringer Schlösschen, Abteihof Besseringen ("Zehnt-Haus"), former residence of Christian Kretzschmar in Trierer Straße (all 18th century)
  • Various interesting buildings of the 19th and early 20th centuries such as Villa Fuchs, Protestant church, churches in Hilbringen (St. Peter in chains) and Besseringen (Sacred Heart Church), Lothringer Hof, station, main building of the former state hospital, Art Nouveau buildings in Trierer Straße, former jam factory (previous monastery)
  • Various chapels worth seeing, such as St. Mary's Chapel, St. Cross Chapel, Kreuzberg Chapel, Josef Chapel, Harlinger Chapel, Old Wellinger Chapel, St. Clement Chapel (Menningen)
  • Seffersbach Bridge, 1901, last preserved suspension belt bridge "System Möller" in Saarland
  • Catholic parish church of St. Agatha (Merchingen)
  • Catholic parish church of St. Mary Magdalene (Brotdorf)
  • Catholic parish church of St. Martin (Bietzen)
  • Catholic parish church of St. Josef


  • Bürgerpark Besseringen
  • Garden of the Senses on the Kreuzberg
  • Orchids on the Nackberg at Hilbringen
  • city park

Other attractionsEdit

  • B-Werk Besseringen (Westwall Bunkeranlage), on the B 51 between Merzig and Besseringen
  • Public indoor swimming pool „Das Bad“
  • Bietzener healing spring on the B 51 in the direction of Beckingen
  • Public natural swimming pool Heilborn
  • Sculptor symposium stones at the border
  • Monastery St. Gangolf, between Besseringen and Mettlach
  • Museum railway (to Losheim)
  • Animal enclosure at Blättelbornweiher
  • Wolf enclosure in the Kammerforst
  • Kreuzbergkapelle with views over almost the entire city and the Merzig basin
  • Kletterhafen - Europe's largest free-standing climbing park


Merzig is the birthplace of footballer Kevin Trapp and tennis player Benjamin Becker.

Musical TheatreEdit

Since 2012 Merzig stages musicals for two months each year, starring famous German musical actors like Uwe Kröger. The venue is a huge marquee, called 'Zeltpalast' (marquee palace).

Notable peopleEdit

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