Melody Moezzi (Persian: ملودی معزی‎; born March 4, 1979 in Chicago, IL) is an Iranian-American writer and attorney. She writes and speaks about religion, public health, politics and culture.[1] She is the author of Haldol and Hyacinths: A Bipolar Life and War on Error: Real Stories of American Muslims.[2] Moezzi is a United Nations Global Expert[3] and formerly the Executive Director of the Atlanta-based interfaith nonprofit 100 People of Faith.

Melody Moezzi
BornMarch 4, 1979
Chicago, Illinois
Alma materWesleyan University (BA), Emory University School of Law (JD), Emory's Rollins School of Public Health (MPH)
Home townRaleigh, North Carolina

Moezzi has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Parabola, The Huffington Post, NPR, and Ms. Magazine, among others. She was a columnist for the short-lived Muslim Girl Magazine. Moezzi speaks openly about having bipolar disorder and is a regular columnist and blogger for Bipolar Magazine.[4][5][6]

Moezzi has appeared on several television and radio programs, including CNN, NPR, BBC, PRI and Air America. She founded the activist group Hooping for Peace.[7][8] Moezzi holds degrees from Wesleyan University, Emory University School of Law, and Emory's Rollins School of Public Health.[9][10]






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