The Mausoleum of Safavid princes(Persian: آرامگاه شاهزادگان صفوی‎) or Setti Fateme mausoleum(Persian: آرامگاه ستی فاطمه‎) is a historical mausoleum in Isfahan, Iran. It is located in the Chaharsu-ye-Kuchak quarter.

Mausoleum of Safavid Princes
LocationChaharsu-ye-Kuchak quarter, Isfahan, Iran
Mausoleum of Safavid Princes is located in Iran
Mausoleum of Safavid Princes
Shown within Iran
Geographic coordinates32°39′37″N 51°39′13″E / 32.660278°N 51.653611°E / 32.660278; 51.653611Coordinates: 32°39′37″N 51°39′13″E / 32.660278°N 51.653611°E / 32.660278; 51.653611
Architectural typeMausoleum
Architectural styleIsfahani

In the southern side of the mausoleum's courtyard, there are tombs of three murdered Safavid princes, who were the children of Zobeyde Beygom, the daughter of Abbas I., and Issa Khan Ghourchibashi. The Qourchian class was the most important elit class in the Qizilbash class. They were special safavid guard and Abbass I. chose from them as his own bodyguard. These three princes were decapitated by the order of Safi I.. Some people believe that the mausoleum is the burial place of Fatemeh, Musa al-Kadhim's daughter.[1]


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