Maurice Mandelbaum (born December 9, 1908 in Chicago; died January 1, 1987, Hanover, New Hampshire) was an American philosopher. He was professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins University; and from 1957 until his retirement at Dartmouth College. He held two degrees from Dartmouth and a PhD from Yale University. He was known for his work in Phenomenology, Epistemology, and the History of ideas.


He wrote many books, including:

  • The Problem of Historical Knowledge, 1938
  • The Phenomenology of Moral Experience, 1955
  • Philosophy, Science and Sense Perception, 1964
  • History, Man, and Reason: A study in Nineteenth Century Thought, 1971
  • The Anatomy of Historical Knowledge, 1977
  • Philosophy, History, and the Sciences, 1984


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