Markus Feyerabend

Markus Feyerabend (born 1971) is a Bavarian glider aerobatic pilot.[1]

He started gliding in 1987 at the club SFG Weilheim (now: LSV Weilheim-Peißenberg e.V.). Before he obtained his aerobatic rating in 2001, he flew cross-country competitions.[1][2]

He has been a member of the German national glider aerobatics team since 2005. He was the German National Glider Aerobatics Champion in 2006,[1][2] 2008[3] and 2010. In the FAI World Championships in 2007 he won the team silver medal with Olaf Schmidt and Eugen Schaal.[2][4] In addition, Markus Feyerabend came second in the unknown sequences category in World Championships in 2007[5][6] and European Glider Aerobatic Championships 2008.[7] He was placed first by the Deutscher Aeroclub (DAeC) in 2008 in their ranking list of German glider pilots in the unlimited aerobatic category.[8]

For aerobatics he usually flies a Swift S-1.[1][4][9]

He works as a systems engineer in a telecommunication company.[1][4]

Achievements in glider aerobatic competitions
year contest location category ranking team ranking
2002 Salzmann-Cup Kirn, Germany advanced 9
2003 Salzmann-Cup Babenhausen, Hesse, Germany advanced 4 1
2003 Open Hessian Championships Schwalmstadt-Ziegenhain (Hesse), Germany advanced 1 n/a
2004 Salzmann-Cup Nagold, Germany advanced 2 3
2004 German National Championships Biberach an der Riß, Germany unlimited 9 n/a
2005 FAI World Championships Serpukhov (Drakino airfield), Russia unlimited 18 (best German)
2005 Open Baden-Württembergian Championships Tannheim (Württemberg), Germany unlimited 1 n/a
2005 Open Dutch National Championships Deelen, The Netherlands unlimited 1 n/a
2006 Salzmann-Cup Donauwörth, Germany unlimited 1
2006 FAI European Championships Rybnik, Poland unlimited 11 3 (Schaal-Feyerabend-Schmidt)
2006 German National Championships Bad Frankenhausen, Germany unlimited 1 n/a
2007 Salzmann-Cup Stölln/Rhinow, Germany unlimited 1
2007 FAI World Championships Niederöblarn, Austria unlimited 6 2 (Schmidt-Feyerabend-Schaal)
2008 Salzmann-Cup Hornberg (Württemberg), Germany unlimited 5
2008 German National Championships Rothenburg (Oberlausitz), Germany unlimited 1 n/a
2008 FAI European Championships Radom (Piastów airfield), Poland unlimited 3 (best German) 3 (Feyerabend-Schmidt-Resch)
2009 German Regional Championships Pfarrkirchen, Germany unlimited 1 n/a
2009 World Air Games Turin, Italy (similar to) unlimited 7 n/a
2010 German National Championships Brandenburg, Germany unlimited 1 n/a
2010 FAI European Championships Jämijärvi, Finland unlimited 8 (best German) 4 (Feyerabend-Schmidt-Teichmann)
2011 Salzmann-Cup Hayingen (Württemberg), Germany unlimited 3
2011 German National Championships Rothenburg (Oberlausitz), Germany unlimited 3 n/a
2011 FAI World Championships Toruń, Poland unlimited 10 (best German) 4 (Feyerabend-Teichmann-Schmidt)
2012 21st German National Championships[10] Koblenz-Winningen, Germany unlimited 1 n/a
2012 FAI World Championships Dubnica n/Váhom, Slovakia unlimited 3[11] n/a


Annotations: Nowadays, the Salzmann-Cup plays a similar role as state championships in Germany,[15] which usually take place as central championships in one federal state. The translations of the names of the German federal state championships ("Landesmeisterschaften" and "Blockmeisterschaften") are not strictly literal. This table contains no rankings in double seater competitions and no rankings in individual disciplines (known, unknown, free). The definition of the advanced category may vary slightly in different glider aerobatic competitions.


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