Margan Top

Margan Top or Margan Pass is a mountain pass, connecting Warwan Valley with the main Kashmir Valley. It is located south of Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.[1][2]

Margan Top
Margan Pass
Margan Top is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Margan Top
Location in J&K
Elevation3,696 m (12,126 ft)
LocationIndia, Jammu and Kashmir
Coordinates33°44′58″N 75°29′17″E / 33.74944°N 75.48806°E / 33.74944; 75.48806Coordinates: 33°44′58″N 75°29′17″E / 33.74944°N 75.48806°E / 33.74944; 75.48806


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