Marc Scott Zicree (born 1955) is an American science fiction author, television writer and screenwriter. Zicree has written for major studios and networks including Paramount, Universal, Disney, Sony/Columbia Tri-Star, MGM, New Line, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, WB, UPN, Showtime, PBS, Turner, USA Networks, Syfy, Discovery, Nickelodeon, the BBC, Marvel and NPR.[1] His credits include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, The Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, Beauty and the Beast, Forever Knight, Sliders, Friday the 13th: The Series, Liberty's Kids, Superfriends, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Real Ghostbusters, The Smurfs and many others, as well as pilots for CBS, NBC, ABC and Showtime.

Marc Scott Zicree
Born1955 (age 63–64)
OccupationScience fiction writer, television writer, novelist
Notable work
The Twilight Zone Companion (1992)
Magic Time trilogy (2002–05)


He is the author of The Twilight Zone Companion, a detailed history of Rod Serling's TV series The Twilight Zone. Several of his interviews with The Twilight Zone actors, directors and producers are available as special features on the Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection DVD box set, and are accessible as alternative audio tracks for the associated episodes. He has also contributed to the Magic Time novel trilogy, a collaborative effort between Zicree and three other science fiction writers.

Space CommandEdit

With writer Michael Reaves and director Neil Johnson, and using crowd funding for financing, Zicree is working on a series of films under the umbrella title Space Command. A Kickstarter project page, launched by Zicree in May 2012, raised funds of $75,000 (its initial goal) in three days.[2]



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