Malta Freeport

Malta Freeport is an international port on the island of Malta with a trade volume of 3.06 million TEUs in 2015.[2] It is one of busiest ports in Europe. It lies in Birżebbuġa in the southeastern part of Malta, on the site of the former seaplane base RAF Kalafrana.

Malta Freeport
View of the Malta Freeport
Operated byMalta Freeport Terminals Ltd
Owned byMalta Freeport Corporation Ltd
Land areaabout 0.771 square kilometres (77.1 ha)
Vessel arrivals2,189[2]
Annual container volume3,060,000 TEU's[2]

Having been established in 1988, Malta Freeport was the first transhipment hub in the Mediterranean region. The company has experienced remarkable growth over the years and currently ranks twelfth among the top European ports and is the third largest transhipment and logistics centre in the Mediterranean region. Over 95% of the Freeport's container traffic is transhipment business with demand growth triggering successive rounds of funding and ownership changes.

As the Mediterranean's third largest transhipment port, Malta Freeport represents a strategic platform for the shipping lines that have chosen it as their Mediterranean hub port being located at the crossroads of some of the world's greatest shipping routes and in the heart of the Europe, Africa and Asian's Middle East triangle. Malta Freeport terminals will be increasing its quay length on both terminals from the present operational length of 2.2 kilometres to over 3 kilometres and the total area (from 680,000) to 790,000 square metres (0.79 km2).[1]

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