MacVector is a commercial sequence analysis application for Apple Macintosh computers running Mac OS X. It is intended to be used by molecular biologists to help analyze, design, research and document their experiments in the laboratory.

Developer(s)MacVector, Inc.
Stable release
Operating systemmacOS


MacVector is a collection of sequence analysis algorithms linked to various sequence editors, including a single sequence editor, a multiple sequence alignment editor and a contig editor. MacVector tries to use a minimum of windows and steps to access all the functionality. Functions include:

MacVector has a contig assembly plugin called Assembler that uses phred, phrap, Bowtie, SPAdes, Velvet and cross match.

As of version 13.0.1 MacVector uses Sparkle for updating between releases.


MacVector was originally developed by IBI in 1994.[1] It was acquired by Kodak, and subsequently Oxford Molecular in 1996.[2][3] Oxford Molecular was merged into Accelrys in 2001.[4] It was acquired by MacVector, Inc on 1 January 2007.[5]


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