Lucus Planum

Lucus Planum is a region on Mars, named after an albedo feature. Its name was approved by the IAU in 1997.[1] The center latitude of the feature is 4.99 degrees S and the center longitude is 182.83 degrees[2] It lies just to the east and north east of the volcano Apollinaris Patera. Lucus Planum lies in both the Memnonia quadrangle and the Aeolis quadrangles. It is part of a region called the "Medusae Fossae Formation"[3] Part of this region is covered with yardangs. They are formed by the action of wind on sand sized particles; hence they often point in the direction that the winds were blowing when they were formed.[4][5] Views of yardangs in this region are shown below.

Map showing the boundaries of Lucus Planum

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