Loubat Prize

The Loubat Prize was a pair of prizes awarded by Columbia University every five years between 1898 and 1958 for the best social science works in the English language about North America.

The awards were established and endowed by Joseph Florimond, Duc de Loubat in 1893. The awards were given "in recognition of the best works printed in the English language on the history, geography, archaeology, ethnology, philology, or numismatics of North America."

Note that Loubat Prizes were also awarded to acknowledge outstanding social science works about North America in a number of European countries from e.g. The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities and the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences.

Winners of the Loubat Prize
Year Awardee Award
1898 William Henry Holmes for Stone Implements of the Potomac-Chesapeake Tidewater Provinces $1,000
1913 George Louis Beer for The Origins of the British Colonial System, 1578-1660 $1,000
John Reed Swanton for Tlinget Myths and Texts and Indian Tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley and Adjacent Coasts of the Gulf of Mexico $400
1918 Clarence Walworth Alvord for The Mississippi Valley in American Politics $1,000
Herbert Ingram Priestley for José de Galvez, Visitor-General of New Spain, 1765-1771 $400
1923 Justin Harvey Smith for The War with Mexico $1,000
William Henry Holmes for Handbook of American Aboriginal Antiquities $400
1933 Charles O. Paullin and John Kirtland Wright for Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States $1,000
Walter Prescott Webb for The Great Plains $400
1938 Samuel E. Morison for The Founding of Harvard College and Harvard College in the Seventeenth Century $1,000
Samuel Kirkland Lothrop for Cocle: An Archaeological Study of Central Panama, Part I $400
1943 Sylvanus G. Morley for The Inscriptions of Peten $1,000
Edmund Cody Burnett for The Continental Congress $400
1948 Lawrence H. Gipson for The British Empire Before the American Revolution $1,000
Hans Kurath for Linguistic Atlas of New England $400
1953 James G. Randall for Midstream–Lincoln the President $1,000
Ralph H. Brown for Historical Geography of the United States $500
1958 Douglas S. Freeman for George Washington: A Biography $1,200
Henry A. Pochmann for German Culture in America, 1600-1900 $600

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