Local Government Act 1974

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The Local Government Act 1974 of New Zealand consolidated the previous law relating to local government that applied to territorial local authorities, regional and district council bodies in New Zealand.

Local Government Act 1974
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New Zealand Parliament
Royal assent8 November 1974
Commenced1 December 1974
Administered byDepartment of Internal Affairs
Amended by
Related legislation
Local Government (New Zealand) Act of 2002
Status: Current legislation

The Act made provision for the establishment of:

The Act consolidated and amended the Municipal Corporations Act 1954, the Counties Act 1956, the Local Authorities (Petroleum Tax) Act 1970, and provisions of other Acts of the Parliament of New Zealand relating to the powers and functions of regional councils, united councils, and territorial local authorities.

The legislation is the legal basis for the governances of the cities, districts and regions of New Zealand.

Although most of the Act was repealed when the Local Government Act 2002 was enacted, some sections, providing for the management of roads, transport, navigation, drainage, rivers and waste management, still apply.[2]

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