Little Bay, Montserrat

Little Bay is a town under construction, intended to be the future capital of the Caribbean island of Montserrat. It is adjacent to Brades.

Little Bay
View of Little Bay, Montserrat.
View of the port and town of Little Bay, Montserrat, looking south from Rendezvous Bluff.
Little Bay is located in Montserrat
Little Bay
Little Bay
Location of Little Bay within Montserrat
Little Bay is located in Caribbean
Little Bay
Little Bay
Little Bay (Caribbean)
Coordinates: 16°48′10.4″N 62°12′17.6″W / 16.802889°N 62.204889°W / 16.802889; -62.204889Coordinates: 16°48′10.4″N 62°12′17.6″W / 16.802889°N 62.204889°W / 16.802889; -62.204889
Country United Kingdom
Overseas territoryMontserrat Montserrat
Time zoneUTC-4 (Atlantic)


The official capital of Montserrat at Plymouth, in the south of the island, was abandoned in 1997 after it was buried by the 1995 eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano. Interim government buildings have since been built at Brades, becoming the political capital in 1998. The move was initially intended to be temporary, but it has remained the island's de facto capital ever since.

The project is funded by the Government of Montserrat and the UK Government's Department for International Development.[1][2]

In 2012, a plan to construct governmental buildings was decided, among other things, a new port is to be built, which should be able to handle ships up to a size of 300 meters. According to the island state, that should also benefit cruise ship traffic.[3] The total cost is at least 200 million US dollars estimated about half of which related to the port.[4] In 2013, initial work began to prepare the area for construction. In May 2019, construction of the port began.[5]


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