Since the invention of the trolleybus, well over 200 different makers of trolleybuses have existed.[1] This is a list of trolleybus manufacturers, both current and former.


Trolleybus garage (depot) in San Francisco, USA, with a range of Muni's trolleybuses dating from 1976 to 2003. On the left is an ETI (Skoda/AAI) 14TrSF trolleybus, which type replaced the non-accessible Flyer trolleybuses in the center. On the right is an articulated New Flyer trolleybus, one of 60 articulated ETBs built by New Flyer for Muni in 1993-94
ZiU-9/682 the largest model trolleybuses in the world (since 1972 produced over 42,000 trolleybuses)
Bogdan/Ursus Т701.16 in Lublin
Foton BJD-WG120FN bimodal trolleybus in Beijing


Preserved vintage trolleybus made by FIAT for the Piraeus-Kastella line in Greece (1939)
1954 CCFBrill trolleybus in Edmonton
ZiU-5 during the parade of vintage automobiles, Saint Petersburg
Rocar 117E and 217E in Brasov, Romania, 1994. It was one of the most used trolleybus types in Romania in the 1980s until the 2000s


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