List of renamed streets in Metro Manila

This is a partial list of streets or roads in Metro Manila, Philippines, that underwent a name change in the past.


Many place names in the country were changed after the islands achieved full sovereignty in 1946, following nearly four centuries of colonial occupation. Motorways named after Spanish and American colonists were subsequently altered to those of Filipino nationalist leaders and figures. This practice continued with the adoption of Tagalog (via its standardised register, Filipino) as the country's official national language.

Recently, streets have been renamed more aggressively after deceased or incumbent politicians, influential businessmen, and their relatives, which Filipino historian Gregorio F. Zaide described as a product of "bigoted nationalism" and "jingoism" done by self-serving public officials without regard to their historical significance.[1]

City of ManilaEdit

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Original name New name District Coordinates Image
Calle Aceiteros M. de Santos Street San Nicolás 14°36′08″N 120°58′09″E / 14.60216°N 120.96903°E / 14.60216; 120.96903 (Calle Aceiteros)
Calle Aduana / Calle Clavería Soriano Avenue Intramuros 14°35′34″N 120°58′23″E / 14.59270°N 120.97307°E / 14.59270; 120.97307 (Calle Aduana)
Calle Agno F. A. Reyes Street Malate 14°34′04″N 120°59′31″E / 14.56764°N 120.99192°E / 14.56764; 120.99192 (Calle Agno)
Calle Alburquerque Raja Matanda Street Tondó 14°36′25″N 120°58′06″E / 14.60690°N 120.96830°E / 14.60690; 120.96830 (Calle Albuquerque)
Calle Alejandro VI (Calle del Gral. Camba) De los Santos Street San Miguel 14°36′10″N 120°59′27″E / 14.60284°N 120.99085°E / 14.60284; 120.99085 (Calle Alejandro IV)
Calle Alix / Plaza de Santa Ana / Calle Concordia Legarda Street San Miguel 14°36′03″N 120°59′43″E / 14.60087°N 120.99514°E / 14.60087; 120.99514 (Calle Alix)  
Calle Almansa Florentino Torres Street Binondo 14°36′07″N 120°58′50″E / 14.60196°N 120.98056°E / 14.60196; 120.98056 (Calle Almanza)
Calle Andalucía Alfonso Mendoza Street Sampáloc 14°36′39″N 120°59′11″E / 14.61072°N 120.98628°E / 14.61072; 120.98628 (Calle Andalucia)
Calle Angyahan Felix Huertas Road Santa Cruz
Calle Anloague / Calle de Joló / Calle Lemeri / Calle Caronel (Route 51) Juan Luna Street Tondó 14°36′16″N 120°58′15″E / 14.60457°N 120.97095°E / 14.60457; 120.97095 (Calle Anloague)
Calle Arkansas Engracia Cruz-Reyes Street Ermita 14°34′46″N 120°58′56″E / 14.57946°N 120.98215°E / 14.57946; 120.98215 (Calle Arkansas)
Calle Arranque / 2° Calle Timbugan Teodora Alonzo Street Binondo 14°36′24″N 120°58′47″E / 14.60662°N 120.97962°E / 14.60662; 120.97962 (Calle Arranque)
Calle Arroceros Antonio Villegas Street Ermita 14°35′27″N 120°58′55″E / 14.59070°N 120.98189°E / 14.59070; 120.98189 (Calle Arroceros)
Calle Avilés (Calle Malacañan / Calzada Uliuli) José Laurel Street San Miguel 14°35′40″N 120°59′37″E / 14.59436°N 120.99352°E / 14.59436; 120.99352 (Calle Aviles)
Calle Azcárraga (Paseo de Azcárraga / Calle del Gral Izquierdo / Calle Paz / Calzada de Bilibid / Calzada de Iris) (Paseo de Azcárraga / Calle Nueva / Calle del Gral Izquierdo / unnamed road / Calle de San Bernaldo / Calzada de Yris) Recto Avenue BinondoSanta CruzQuiapo 14°36′14″N 120°58′51″E / 14.60387°N 120.98083°E / 14.60387; 120.98083 (Calle Azcarraga)  
Calle Bagumbayan (Paseo de las Aguadas) (Paseo de Vidal) Padre Burgos Avenue Ermita 14°35′23″N 120°58′51″E / 14.58976°N 120.98072°E / 14.58976; 120.98072 (Calle Bagumbayan)  
Calle Bálic-Bálic Gerardo Tuazon Street Sampáloc 14°36′32″N 121°00′14″E / 14.60876°N 121.00378°E / 14.60876; 121.00378 (Calle Balic-Balic)
Calle Bancusay Varona Street Tondó 14°36′59″N 120°57′57″E / 14.61643°N 120.96578°E / 14.61643; 120.96578 (Calle Bancusay)
Calle Barbosa Bautista Street Quiapo 14°35′50″N 120°59′04″E / 14.59728°N 120.98441°E / 14.59728; 120.98441 (Calle Barbosa)
Calle Batangas A. Lorenzo Jr. Street Santa Cruz
Calle Bilibid Bilibid Viejo Street Quiapo
Calle Buenavista Victorino Mapa Street Santa Mesa 14°21′40″N 121°03′32″E / 14.3610°N 121.0590°E / 14.3610; 121.0590 (Calle Buenavista)
Calle Bustillos J. Figueras Street San Miguel 14°36′07″N 120°59′34″E / 14.60195°N 120.99277°E / 14.60195; 120.99277 (Calle Bustillos)
Calle Bustillos Manrique Street San Miguel
Calle California Escoda Street Paco 14°34′43″N 120°59′25″E / 14.57873°N 120.99038°E / 14.57873; 120.99038 (Calle California)
Calle Camarines Herrera Street Santa Cruz 14°37′05″N 120°59′00″E / 14.61809°N 120.98329°E / 14.61809; 120.98329 (Calle Camarines)
Calle Canónigo President Quirino Avenue Extension Paco  
Calle Carolina Madre Ignacia Street Malate 14°34′08″N 120°59′09″E / 14.56883°N 120.98593°E / 14.56883; 120.98593 (Calle Carolina)
Calle Castaños Lardizabal Street Sampáloc
Calle Cataluña Tolentino Street Sampáloc 14°36′26″N 120°59′16″E / 14.60736°N 120.98781°E / 14.60736; 120.98781 (Calle Cataluña)
Calle Cerrada San Juan de Letrán Street Intramuros
Calle Chicago (Street) A. C. Delgado Street Port Area 14°35′26″N 120°58′00″E / 14.59051°N 120.96655°E / 14.59051; 120.96655 (Calle Chicago)
Calle Colorado Felipe Agoncillo Street Malate 14°34′32″N 120°59′26″E / 14.57547°N 120.99048°E / 14.57547; 120.99048 (Calle Colorado)
Calle Concepción Natividad Almeda-López Street Ermita 14°35′25″N 120°59′02″E / 14.59040°N 120.98385°E / 14.59040; 120.98385 (Calle Concepcion)
Calle Condesa Norberto Ty Street Binondo 14°36′03″N 120°58′31″E / 14.60075°N 120.97526°E / 14.60075; 120.97526 (Calle Condesa)
Calle Constancia R. Cristóbal Street Sampáloc 14°36′44″N 120°59′44″E / 14.61226°N 120.99557°E / 14.61226; 120.99557 (Calle Constancia)
Calle Dagonoy F. Torres Street San Andrés 14°34′22″N 121°00′18″E / 14.57268°N 121.00504°E / 14.57268; 121.00504 (Calle Dagonoy)
Calle Dakota Adriatico Street Malate 14°34′08″N 120°59′13″E / 14.56889°N 120.98682°E / 14.56889; 120.98682 (Calle Dakota)  
Calle Dart / Dart East Angel Linao Street Paco 14°34′33″N 120°59′39″E / 14.57581°N 120.99417°E / 14.57581; 120.99417 (Calle Dart)
Calle David Burke Street Binondo 14°35′55″N 120°58′45″E / 14.59850°N 120.97930°E / 14.59850; 120.97930 (Calle David)
Calle de Almacenes Maestranza Street Intramuros
Calle de Barberos Urdaneta Street Intramuros
Calle de Echagüe Valderrama Street San Nicolás
Calle de la Bomba Legaspi Street Intramuros
Calle de la Escuela (Calle de la) Victoria Street Intramuros
Calle de la Paisana (Calle) San Antón Street Sampáloc
Calle del Baluarte / Calle Fundición Muralla Street Intramuros
Calle del Hospital Cabildo Street (NW of Soriano Avenue) Intramuros
Calle del Rondín (Calle) Numancia Street San Nicolás
Calle de Pelota Trinidad Street Quiapo
Calle de Quesada J. Nolasco Street Tondó
Calle de San Casiano San Marcelino Street (between Canal de Balete and Gen. Luna Street) Ermita-Paco
Calle de Santa Mónica Salcepuedes Street Ermita
Calle de Santa Rosa Urbiztondo Street San Nicolás
Calle de Vives Roxas Bridge San Nicolás  
Calle Díaz Benavidez Street (N of Recto Avenue) Binondo
Calle Divisoria Salas Street Ermita 14°34′29″N 120°58′53″E / 14.57475°N 120.98149°E / 14.57475; 120.98149 (Calle Divisoria)
Calle Dulumbayan / Calle Salcedo / Calle Cervantes / Calzada de San Lázaro (Avenida Rizal) Rizal Avenue Santa Cruz 14°36′52″N 120°58′58″E / 14.61433°N 120.98264°E / 14.61433; 120.98264 (Calle Dulumbayan)  
Calle Echagüe / Calle del Rosario Carlos Palanca Sr. Street Quiapo 14°35′53″N 120°58′55″E / 14.59810°N 120.98208°E / 14.59810; 120.98208 (Calle Echague)
Calle Encarnación Asunción Street (NW of C. M. de Santos Street) San Nicolás
Calle Economía Vicente Cruz Street Sampáloc 14°36′27″N 120°59′57″E / 14.60738°N 120.99919°E / 14.60738; 120.99919 (Calle Economia)
Calle El Dorado / Martín Ocampo Quezon Boulevard Quiapo 14°35′49″N 120°59′41″E / 14.59701°N 120.99480°E / 14.59701; 120.99480 (Calle El Dorado)  
Calle Evangelista M. Natividad Street Santa Cruz 14°37′14″N 120°59′00″E / 14.62058°N 120.98338°E / 14.62058; 120.98338 (Calle Evangelista)
Calle Farol Magallanes Street Intramuros
Calle Florida (Calle San Antonio) María Y. Orosa Street ErmitaMalate 14°34′20″N 120°59′12″E / 14.57217°N 120.98675°E / 14.57217; 120.98675 (Calle Florida)  
Calle Folgueras / Calle Acuña Carmen Planas Street Tondó-San Nicolás 14°36′20″N 120°58′04″E / 14.60545°N 120.96785°E / 14.60545; 120.96785 (Calle Folgueras)
Calle Fonda Solano Street Intramuros
Calle Gándara / Pasaje Nozagaray (Calle Gándara / Calle San Agustín) Sabino Padilla Street Santa Cruz 14°36′06″N 120°58′38″E / 14.60173°N 120.97726°E / 14.60173; 120.97726 (Calle Gandara)
Calle Gallera Arquiza Street Ermita
Calle Gardenia Gen. Gerónimo Street Sampáloc 14°36′20″N 120°59′51″E / 14.60556°N 120.99743°E / 14.60556; 120.99743 (Calle Gardenia)
Calle Gastambide (Calle de Lacorzana) Dalupan Street Sampáloc 14°36′10″N 120°59′25″E / 14.60277°N 120.99036°E / 14.60277; 120.99036 (Calle Gastambide)
Calle Gavey San Vicente Street (between Quintín Paredes Street and Yuchengco Street) Binondo
Calle Georgia Luis Ma. Guerrero Street Malate 14°34′20″N 120°59′15″E / 14.57227°N 120.98763°E / 14.57227; 120.98763 (Calle Georgia)
Calle Guipit Sta. Teresita Street Sampáloc 14°36′07″N 120°59′52″E / 14.60199°N 120.99778°E / 14.60199; 120.99778 (Calle Guipit)
Calle Herrán (Calzada de Herran / Calle Real / Carretera de Santa Ana) (Calle Real de Paco) Pedro Gil Street ErmitaPacoSanta Ana 14°34′44″N 121°00′09″E / 14.57900°N 121.00263°E / 14.57900; 121.00263 (Calle Guipit)  
Calle Indiana Pilar Hidalgo Lim Street Malate 14°34′24″N 120°59′20″E / 14.57333°N 120.98888°E / 14.57333; 120.98888 (Calle Indiana)
Calle Inviernes (Street) Dr. M. L. Carreón Street Santa Ana 14°35′03″N 121°00′23″E / 14.58403°N 121.00644°E / 14.58403; 121.00644 (Inviernes Street)
Calle Isaac Peral (Calle Cortafuegos) United Nations Avenue ErmitaPaco 14°34′57″N 120°59′05″E / 14.58248°N 120.98472°E / 14.58248; 120.98472 (Calle Isaac Peral)  
Calle Isabel (Street) F. Cayco Street Sampáloc 14°36′20″N 120°59′41″E / 14.60557°N 120.99459°E / 14.60557; 120.99459 (Calle Isabel)
Calle Kansas (Avenue) F. T. Benítez Street Malate 14°34′31″N 120°59′32″E / 14.57521°N 120.99231°E / 14.57521; 120.99231 (Calle Kansas)
Calle Lepanto / Calle Juan de Juanes S. H. Loyola Street Quiapo-Sampáloc 14°36′40″N 120°59′48″E / 14.61109°N 120.99669°E / 14.61109; 120.99669 (Calle Lepanto)
Calle Lipa M. F. Jhocson Street Sampáloc 14°36′06″N 120°59′46″E / 14.60160°N 120.99601°E / 14.60160; 120.99601 (Calle Lipa)
Calle Looban (Carmen Street) Mahatma Gandhi Street Paco 14°34′50″N 120°59′29″E / 14.58065°N 120.99136°E / 14.58065; 120.99136 (Calle Looban)
Calle Luengo Quirino Avenue (Plaza Dilao - Mabini Bridge) Pandacan  
Calle Magdalena / Calle San José Bambang Street / G. Masangkay Street Santa Cruz-Tondó-Binondo 14°36′27″N 120°58′41″E / 14.60759°N 120.97812°E / 14.60759; 120.97812 (Calle Magdalena)
Calle Malecón (Paseo de Santa Lucía) (Paseo de María Cristina) Bonifacio Drive Port Area 14°35′15″N 120°58′23″E / 14.58757°N 120.97297°E / 14.58757; 120.97297 (Calle Malecon)
Calle Manicninc Aguilar Street Tondó-Binondo
Calle Mangahan P. Guevarra Street Santa Cruz 14°36′43″N 120°59′07″E / 14.61190°N 120.98519°E / 14.61190; 120.98519 (Calle Mangahan)
Calle Manúguit Abad Santos Avenue Tondó 14°22′29″N 120°35′04″E / 14.3747°N 120.5845°E / 14.3747; 120.5845 (Calle Manuguit)  
Calle Marina Guerrero Street Ermita
Calle Marqués de Comillas D. Romuáldez, Sr. Street Ermita 14°35′15″N 120°59′13″E / 14.58751°N 120.98688°E / 14.58751; 120.98688 (Calle Marquez de Comillas)
Calle Marquez San Rafael Street Quiapo
Calle Melba Doroteo José Street Santa Cruz 14°36′19″N 120°58′51″E / 14.60523°N 120.98084°E / 14.60523; 120.98084 (Calle Melba)  
Calle Mendoza Z. P. de Guzmán Street Quiapo 14°36′02″N 120°59′06″E / 14.60062°N 120.98507°E / 14.60062; 120.98507 (Calle Mendoza)
Calle Militar J. Quintos, Sr. Street Malate 14°34′20″N 120°58′58″E / 14.57231°N 120.98269°E / 14.57231; 120.98269 (Calle Militar)
Calle Misericordia (1° Calle Timbugan / Calle Misericordia / Pasaje Obando) Tomás Mapúa Street Santa Cruz 14°36′28″N 120°58′52″E / 14.60777°N 120.98116°E / 14.60777; 120.98116 (Calle Misericordia)
Calle Morga Tayuman Street Santa CruzTondó 14°37′00″N 120°58′41″E / 14.61666°N 120.97808°E / 14.61666; 120.97808 (Calle Morga)  
Calle Morayta Nicanor Reyes Street Sampáloc 14°36′15″N 120°59′16″E / 14.60420°N 120.98774°E / 14.60420; 120.98774 (Calle Morayta)
Calle Nebraska Jorge Bocobo Street Malate 14°34′45″N 120°58′54″E / 14.57927°N 120.98178°E / 14.57927; 120.98178 (Calle Nebraska)
Calle Negros Kusang Loób Street Santa Cruz 14°36′24″N 120°58′48″E / 14.60662°N 120.98006°E / 14.60662; 120.98006 (Calle Negros)
Calle Noria P. Paterno Street Quiapo 14°35′59″N 120°58′58″E / 14.59969°N 120.98285°E / 14.59969; 120.98285 (Calle Noria)
Calle Novaliches Nicanor Padilla Street San Miguel 14°35′33″N 120°59′22″E / 14.59262°N 120.98941°E / 14.59262; 120.98941 (Calle Novaliches)
Calle Nozaleda (Calzada de Paco / Calle Nueva) General Luna Street Paco 14°34′50″N 120°59′18″E / 14.58065°N 120.98846°E / 14.58065; 120.98846 (Calle Nozaleda)
Calle Nueva / Calle de Bagur E. T. Yuchengco Street Binondo 14°36′01″N 120°58′33″E / 14.60015°N 120.97582°E / 14.60015; 120.97582 (Calle Nueva)
Calle Nueva (Camino Real) A. Mabini Street ErmitaMalate 14°34′17″N 120°59′03″E / 14.57138°N 120.98416°E / 14.57138; 120.98416 (Calle Nueva)
Calle O'Donell Severino Reyes Street Santa Cruz 14°36′07″N 120°59′09″E / 14.60199°N 120.98579°E / 14.60199; 120.98579 (Calle O'Donell)
Calle Observatorio Padre Faura Street Ermita 14°34′43″N 120°59′01″E / 14.57867°N 120.98372°E / 14.57867; 120.98372 (Calle Observatorio)  
Calle Oregon G. Apacible Street Paco 14°34′51″N 120°59′31″E / 14.58093°N 120.99208°E / 14.58093; 120.99208 (Calle Oregon)
Calle Oriente V. Tytana Street Binondo 14°36′03″N 120°58′28″E / 14.60086°N 120.97443°E / 14.60086; 120.97443 (Calle Oriente)
Calle Otis María Paz Mendoza Guazon Street Paco 14°35′20″N 120°59′48″E / 14.58885°N 120.99670°E / 14.58885; 120.99670 (Calle Otis)
Calle Pennsylvania León Guinto Street Malate 14°34′22″N 120°59′28″E / 14.57285°N 120.99112°E / 14.57285; 120.99112 (Calle Pennsylvania)
Calle Pepín J. Marzán Street Sampáloc 14°36′37″N 120°59′45″E / 14.61032°N 120.99589°E / 14.61032; 120.99589 (Calle Pepin)
Calle Pescadores / Calle Sagunto Santo Cristo Street (NW of C. M. de Santos Street) Tondó-San Nicolás 14°36′18″N 120°58′01″E / 14.60497°N 120.96688°E / 14.60497; 120.96688 (Calle Pescadores)
Calle Pinpin (Calle) Pitóng Gatang Street Tondó
Calle Príncipe Del Pan Street San Nicolás 14°35′56″N 120°58′00″E / 14.59882°N 120.96669°E / 14.59882; 120.96669 (Calle Principe)
Calle Quezon P. Noval Street Sampáloc
Calle Quiricada Juan Nolasco Street (N of Moriones Street) Tondo
Calle Quiotan Sales Street Santa Cruz 14°36′01″N 120°58′57″E / 14.60037°N 120.98255°E / 14.60037; 120.98255 (Calle Quiotan)
Calle Raón / Calle Centeno / Calle Alcala Gonzalo Puyat Street Quiapo-Santa Cruz 14°36′03″N 120°58′55″E / 14.60090°N 120.98205°E / 14.60090; 120.98205 (Calle Centeno)  
Calle Real Del Pilar Street ErmitaMalate 14°34′20″N 120°58′58″E / 14.57231°N 120.98269°E / 14.57231; 120.98269 (Calle Real)  
Calle Real del Palacio (Calle del Palacio) General Luna Street Intramuros 14°35′23″N 120°58′29″E / 14.58969°N 120.97479°E / 14.58969; 120.97479 (Calle Real del Palacio)
Calle Real del Parián Real Street Intramuros 14°35′26″N 120°58′34″E / 14.59059°N 120.97606°E / 14.59059; 120.97606 (Calle Real del Parian)
Calle Recogidas Anda Street Intramuros
Calle Regidor Quezon Boulevard Quiapo 14°36′04″N 120°59′04″E / 14.60105°N 120.98456°E / 14.60105; 120.98456 (Calle Regidor)  
Calle Remedios Sinagoga Street Malate
Calle Requesens E. Remigio Street Santa Cruz 14°36′35″N 120°58′59″E / 14.60961°N 120.98316°E / 14.60961; 120.98316 (Calle Requesens)
Calle Reyna Cristina Reina Regente Street Binondo
Calle Rosario Quintín Paredes Street Binondo 14°35′54″N 120°58′33″E / 14.59822°N 120.97582°E / 14.59822; 120.97582 (Calle Rosario)
Calle Sacristía / Calle Lacoste / Calle Enrile Ongpin Street Binondo 14°36′05″N 120°58′35″E / 14.60143°N 120.97650°E / 14.60143; 120.97650 (Calle Sacristia)
Calle Salinas Elcano Street San Nicolás
Calle San Jerónimo Arlegui Street San Miguel 14°35′47″N 120°59′22″E / 14.59652°N 120.98951°E / 14.59652; 120.98951 (Calle San Geronimo)
Calle San Jacinto / Calle de Melisa Tomás Pinpin Street Binondo 14°35′58″N 120°58′39″E / 14.59950°N 120.97756°E / 14.59950; 120.97756 (Calle San Jacinto)
Calle San José / Calle San Rafael Alhambra Street Ermita
Calle San José San Gregorio Street Paco
Calle San Juan de Dios Legazpi Street (between Real Street and San Francisco Street) Intramuros
Calle San Luis Kalaw Avenue Ermita 14°34′54″N 120°58′50″E / 14.58159°N 120.98046°E / 14.58159; 120.98046 (Calle San Luis)  
Calle San Pedro Evangelista Street Santa Cruz 14°36′07″N 120°59′01″E / 14.60207°N 120.98360°E / 14.60207; 120.98360 (Calle San Pedro)
Calle San Roque P. Gomez Street Quiapo
Calle San Sebastián / Calle del Gral. Crespo R. Hidalgo Street Quiapo 14°35′56″N 120°59′15″E / 14.59897°N 120.98762°E / 14.59897; 120.98762 (Calle San Sebastian)  
Calle Sande N. Zamora Street Tondó 14°36′40″N 120°58′06″E / 14.61112°N 120.96832°E / 14.61112; 120.96832 (Calle Sande)
Calle Sangleyes Blumentritt Road Santa CruzSampáloc 14°37′18″N 120°59′42″E / 14.62168°N 120.99498°E / 14.62168; 120.99498 (Calle Sangleyes)  
Calle Santiago Lopez Jaena Street Paco
Calle Sobriedad F. Jhocson Sampáloc
Calle Soledad Camba Street (NW of C. M. de Santos Street) San Nicolás
Calle Soledad / Calle Olivares / Calle Turco Dasmariñas Street (between Muelle de Binondo and Yuchengco Street) Binondo
Calle Tanduay / Calle Romero Aquino / Ayala J. Nepomuceno Street Quiapo 14°35′33″N 120°59′23″E / 14.59262°N 120.98970°E / 14.59262; 120.98970 (Calle Tanduay)
Calle Tayabas Francis P. Yuseco Street Santa CruzTondó 14°37′10″N 120°58′55″E / 14.61936°N 120.98184°E / 14.61936; 120.98184 (Calle Tayabas)
Calle Tennessee Gen. M. Malvar Street Malate 14°34′30″N 120°59′23″E / 14.57512°N 120.98970°E / 14.57512; 120.98970 (Calle Tennessee)
Calle Trabajo M. Dela Fuente Street Sampáloc 14°36′27″N 120°59′53″E / 14.60741°N 120.99816°E / 14.60741; 120.99816 (Calle Trabajo)
Calle Trozo (Calle Magdalena) Bambang Street Santa Cruz 14°36′40″N 120°58′53″E / 14.61107°N 120.98133°E / 14.61107; 120.98133 (Calle Trozo)
Calle Tuberías (Calle del Tubo) Dr. Concepción C. Aguila Street San MiguelQuiapo 14°35′51″N 120°59′19″E / 14.59742°N 120.98867°E / 14.59742; 120.98867 (Calle Tuberias)
Calle Unión F. M. Gernale Street Paco 14°34′46″N 120°59′48″E / 14.57943°N 120.99655°E / 14.57943; 120.99655 (Calle Union)
Calle Vermont Julio Nakpil Street Malate 14°34′28″N 120°59′28″E / 14.57458°N 120.99116°E / 14.57458; 120.99116 (Calle Vermont)  
Calle Vito Cruz (Street) Pablo Ocampo Street Malate 14°33′48″N 120°59′48″E / 14.56327°N 120.99655°E / 14.56327; 120.99655 (Vito Cruz Street)  
Calle Vivas Novales Street Intramuros
Calle Washington (Street) A. Maceda Street Sampáloc 14°37′04″N 120°59′42″E / 14.61765°N 120.99492°E / 14.61765; 120.99492 (Calle Washington)
Calle Wright Antonio Vásquez Street Malate 14°34′23″N 120°59′18″E / 14.57295°N 120.98822°E / 14.57295; 120.98822 (Calle Wright)
Calle Zurbarán Valeriano Fugoso Street Santa Cruz 14°36′28″N 120°58′59″E / 14.60765°N 120.98303°E / 14.60765; 120.98303 (Calle Zurbaran)
Calzada de Pasay Singalong Street Malate
Calzada de Singalong San Andrés Street Malate-San Andrés
Carretera de San Pedro Macati Tejeron Street Santa Ana
Columbia Avenue (Calle Rizal)(Manila Road)(Route 50)(Ermita-Pasay Boulevard)(Daitoa "Greater East Asia" Avenue) Taft Avenue ErmitaMalate 14°34′29″N 120°59′21″E / 14.57476°N 120.98911°E / 14.57476; 120.98911 (Columbia Avenue)  
Dewey Boulevard (Cavite Boulevard)(Heiwa "Peace" Boulevard)(Dewey Boulevard Airfield)/Luneta Street or Road Roxas Boulevard ErmitaMalate 14°34′15″N 120°58′56″E / 14.57093°N 120.98212°E / 14.57093; 120.98212 (Dewey Boulevard)  
Governor Forbes Street Lacson Avenue Sampáloc 14°36′31″N 120°59′38″E / 14.60858°N 120.99396°E / 14.60858; 120.99396 (Governor Forbes Street)  
Harrison Boulevard (Koa "Rising Sun" Boulevard) Quirino Avenue Malate 14°20′29″N 120°35′35″E / 14.34127°N 120.59300°E / 14.34127; 120.59300 (Harrison Boulevard)  
Joven Boulevard South Road Ermita
Katipunan Street Magistrado Araullo Street Santa Mesa
New Luneta Street or Road (Freedom Road)(Quirino Road) Parade Avenue Ermita  
North Bay Boulevard Honorio López Boulevard Tondó
Panaderos Street Old Panaderos Street Santa Ana
Santa Mesa Boulevard Magsaysay Boulevard Santa Mesa 14°36′09″N 121°00′46″E / 14.60240°N 121.01290°E / 14.60240; 121.01290 (Santa Mesa Boulevard)  
Santa Mesa Road (Route 53) Old Santa Mesa Road Santa Mesa
Venus Street Market Road Santa Ana

Metro ManilaEdit

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Old name New name City/Municipality Image
10th Avenue Macario Asistio, Sr. Avenue (name since reverted to 10th Avenue) Caloocan
Alfaro Street L. P. Leviste Street Makati
Alvarado Street Carlos Palanca Street Makati
Amber Avenue J. Escrivà Drive Pasig
Arayat Street P. Bernardo Street Quezon City
A. Raquiza Street F. Antonio San Juan
Arizona Street Monte de Piedad Street Quezon City
Avenida Alfonso Alfonso XIII San Juan
Bálic-Bálic Road (Route 53) N. Domingo Street Quezon CitySan Juan
Banahaw Street Mayor Ignacio Santos Diaz Street Quezon City
Constitutional Road Batasan–San Mateo Road Quezon CitySan Mateo  
Balara Airfield University Avenue Quezon City
Blumentritt Street Rt. Rev. G. Aglipay Street Mandaluyong
Bohol Avenue Sgt. Esguerra Avenue Quezon City
Brixton Hill Street Tomas Arguelles Street Quezon City
Broadway Avenue Doña Juana S. Rodríguez Avenue (name since reverted to Broadway Avenue) Quezon City
Buendía Avenue Gil Puyat Avenue MakatiPasay  
C. Ruiz Street Pedro B. Mendoza Street San Juan
Calle Baltazar Zamora Street Caloocan
Calle Libertad (Street) Arnaiz Avenue Pasay  
Calle Libertad (Street) Domingo M. Guevara Street Mandaluyong
Calle Pinagbarilan Edang Street Pasay
Calle Real (Street) Diego Cera Avenue / Alabang-Zapote Road Las PiñasMuntinlupa  
Calle Reposo (Street) Nicanor García Street Makati  
Calle Retiro (Street) N. S. Amoranto Sr. Street Quezon City
Calle Valenzuela (Street) José Gil Street San Juan
Canley Road Danny Floro Street Pasig
Capitol Park Drive Don Antonio Street Quezon City
Cebu Avenue Mother Ignacia Street Quezon City
Central Avenue Eraño Manalo Avenue Quezon City
Central Boulevard P. Tuazon Boulevard Quezon City
Concepción Street A. Layug Street Pasay
Constitutional Hill Road (IBP Road) Batasan Road Quezon City  
Cpl. York Street Magalona Street Mandaluyong
Dalla Street A. Soriano Street San Juan
Dansalan Street M. Vicente Street Mandaluyong
Dao Street Extension Sacred Heart Street Makati
Don Mariano Marcos Avenue / Fairview Avenue Commonwealth Avenue and Quezon Avenue Quezon City  
Diamond Avenue ADB Avenue Pasig  
Don Antonio Street / Interneighborhood Street Holy Spirit Drive Quezon City
East Avenue Carlos P. Garcia Avenue Quezon City
East Manila South Road (Route 59) M. L. Quezón Taguig
Elizalde Road Elisco Road Taguig
Emerald Avenue F. Ortigas, Jr. Road Pasig  
España Boulevard Extension E. Rodríguez Sr. Avenue Quezon City
Florante Street J. V. Alvior Street San Juan
F. B. Harrison Street Elpidio Quirino Avenue Parañaque  
General Ricarte Street P. Binay Street Makati
Granada Street Sen. Jose O. Vera Street Quezon City
Greenhills Drive Capitol Hills Drive / Manotok Drive Quezon City
Guadalupe–Pateros Road (Route 21A) Dr. José P. Rizal Extension Makati
H. Lozada Street (Aurora Blvd to 29 de Agosto) Sofronio Veloso Street San Juan
Herrera Street Vicente A. Rufino Street Makati
Highland Drive Tomas Castro Street Quezon City
Highway 54 (Route 54) (19 de Junio) Samson Road and Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) Metro Manila  
Hollywood Drive Lieutenant Artiaga Street San Juan
Ilang-Ilang Street F. Santos Street San Juan
Ipo Road (Manila-del Monte Garay Road / Route 52) Bonifacio Avenue and Quirino Highway Quezon City and Caloocan  
Imelda Avenue Kalayaan Avenue Makati  
Joffre Street Ibuna Street San Juan
Johnston Street Capt. S. Roja San Juan
José Gil Street Valenzuela Street San Juan
José Rizal Boulevard (Route 54B) Shaw Boulevard Mandaluyong and Pasig  
K-A Street Luis Sianghio Street Quezon City
K-B Street T. Gener Street Quezon City
K-C Street Judge Jimenez Street Quezon City
K-D Street Jose Erestain Sr. Street Quezon City
K-E Street Dr. Jesus Azurin Street Quezon City
Kabihasnan St. Victor Medina St. Parañaque City
Katipunan Avenue Carlos P. Garcia Avenue Quezon City  
Kentucky Street Ernesto Porto Street Quezon City
Kitchener Street (Richenine Street) C. M. Recto Street San Juan
Lambay Street Sta. Catalina Street Quezon City
Laong Laan Street Nicanor Roxas Street Quezon City
Lion's Road Dra. Leonisia H. Reyes Street San Juan
Litex Road (Manila Gravel Pit Road) Payatas Road Quezon City
Maganda Street Maayusin Street Quezon City
Main Avenue Justice Lourdes Paredes San Diego Avenue Quezon City
Makiling Street Don Manuel Agregado Quezon City
Maligaya Street Mayaman Street Quezon City
Malualhatì Street Mahusay/Marilág Streets Quezon City
Manila North Road (Route 29) MacArthur Highway Caloocan  
Manila Provincial Road / Manila-Infanta Highway (Route 55) Aurora Boulevard, Legarda Street, Magsaysay Boulevard, and Marikina-Infanta Highway Metro Manila  
Maningning Street Malusog Street Quezon City
Mapagsanggalang Street Mapagkawanggawa Street Quezon City
Marne Street G. Ocampo Street San Juan
Matimyas Street Mayumì Street Quezon City
México Road Taft Avenue Extension Pasay
MIA Road NAIA Road Parañaque  
Matiisin Street V. Luna Avenue Quezon City
Mayor Rodriguez Avenue Mindanao Avenue Quezon City
Melanio Street M. de Salapan Street San Juan
Minnesota Street Ermin Garcia Avenue Quezon City
Mons Street E. Maclang Street San Juan
Morong Street Scout Oscar M. Alcaraz Street Quezon City
New York Avenue (west) Pablo P. Reyes, Sr. Street (old name still in use) Quezon City
Nevada Street F. Manalo Street Quezon City
Nichols-McKinley Road Andrews Avenue and Lawton Avenue Pasay and Taguig  
North Avenue (U.P. campus) Osmeña Avenue Quezon City
North Diversion Road North Luzon Expressway Quezon City and Caloocan  
Paraiso Street Atty. A. Mendoza Street San Juan
Pasay Road (Route 57) Arnaiz Avenue Makati  
Pasong Tamo Chino Roces Avenue MakatiTaguig  
P. Aunario Street C. P. Garcia Avenue Quezon City
Pershing Street Romualdez Street Mandaluyong
Pi y Margall Street Sen. Mariano J. Cuenco Street Quezon City
Pacific Avenue Doña M. Hemady Street Quezon City
Pulog Street N. Ramirez Street Quezon City
Quezon Boulevard Extension Quezon Avenue Quezon City  
Rada Street Thailand Street Makati
Riverside Drive F. Manalo San Juan
Route 3A Rizal Avenue Extension Caloocan  
Route 21 B Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue Pasig  
Route 53 Sumulong Highway Marikina  
Sampaloc Avenue Tomas Morato Avenue Quezon City  
Samson Road Old Samson Road Quezon City
San Bartolome Street P. de la Cruz Street Quezon City
Santolan Road Col. Bonny Serrano Avenue Quezon City  
San Venancio Street Adevoso Street San Juan
Sauyo Road Don Julio Gregorio Street Quezon City
Sierra Madre Street Speaker Perez Street Quezon City
South Avenue (U.P. campus) Roxas Avenue Quezon City
South Avenue Timog Avenue Quezon City  
South 2 Street Scout Albano Street / Eugenio Lopez Street Quezon City
South 3 Street Scout Bayoran Street Quezon City
South 4 Street Scout Borromeo Street Quezon City
South 5 Street Scout Madriñan Street Quezon City
South 6 Street Scout Rallos Street Quezon City
South 7 Street Scout Limbaga Street Quezon City
South 8 Street Scout Fernandez Street Quezon City
South 9 Street Scout Fuentebella Street Quezon City
South 10 Street Scout Gandia Street Quezon City
South 11 Street Scout de Guia Street Quezon City
South 12 Street Dr. Lazcano Street Quezon City
South 13 Street Scout Delgado Street Quezon City
South 14 Street Scout Lozano Street Quezon City
South 15 Street Scout Castor Street Quezon City
South 16 Street Marathon Street Quezon City
South 17 Street Fr. Martinez Street Quezon City
South 18 Street Scout Ojeda Street Quezon City
South 19 Street Scout Chuatoco Street Quezon City
South B Street Scout Magbanua Street Quezon City
South C Street Scout Reyes Street Quezon City
South D Street Scout Santiago Street Quezon City
South E Street Scout Tobias Street Quezon City
South F Street Scout Tuason Street Quezon City
South G Street Scout Torillo Street Quezon City
South H Street Scout Ybardolaza Street Quezon City
South I Street 11th Jamboree Street / GMA Network Drive Quezon City
South K Street Scout Rallos Extension (from north end) Quezon City
South Diversion Road South Luzon Expressway Makati and Taguig  
South Market Street Don Alejandro Roces Avenue Quezon City
St. Francis Avenue Hunters ROTC Avenue Cainta
Súcat Road Dr. Santos Avenue Parañaque  
Sultana Street La Campana Street Makati
Sunnyside Drive Eymard Drive Quezon City
Tacio Street Comm. Dev. Center Street Quezon City
Tagaytay Street Sgt. E. Rivera Street Quezon City
Tagaytay Street N. Zamora Street Quezon City
Tramo Street Aurora Boulevard Pasay
Tuayan Street Familara Street Quezon City
Valley Road Betty Go-Belmonte Street Quezon City  
Verdun Street Reraon Street San Juan
Virginia Street Sgt. J. Catolos Quezon City
West Manila South Road (Route 1A) Elpidio Quirino Avenue Parañaque
Zebra Drive Temple Drive Quezon City

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