List of original copies of the Porter Garden Telescope

This is a list of the known original copies of The Porter Garden Telescope. For information purposes, are also included those copies that their location are currently unknown, but there are records with some of their data.

Serial Number Last Known Owner Location Features / Accessories Status / Functionality Information Last information
2 Private collector Conference with exhibition of the copy.[1] 24 October 2018
3 Private collector List of copies.[2] Autumn, 2007
10 Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium Fort Myers, Florida Non-original optics.[3] Defects.[4] Offered for sale.[4] March, 2008
13 Observatorio de Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Helical focuser. Complete. Photo.[5][6] September, 2016
17 Private collector No patina. Double ocular for two simultaneous users. Complete in the absence of some eyepieces. Conference with exhibition of the copy.[7] 30 October 2010
21 Private collector Original concrete pedestal. Missed optics.[8][9] Winning bid of $9,500.[9] 17 June 2012
28 Private collector List of copies.[2] Autumn, 2007
31 The Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. Springfield, Vermont Original wooden case.[2] Damaged primary mirror. Prism absent on exhibition.[10] List of copies.[2] Autumn, 2007
36 Private collector List of copies.[2] Autumn, 2007
42 Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Santa Barbara, California Only survive the original pieces called bell and blade-bowl set. Missing elements Functional restoration.[11] Photo.[12] March, 2014
43 Private collector Rack and pinion focuser. Missing elements. Lack of mirror, eyepieces, prism and base. Sold at auction for $1,845. Photos.[13] November, 2014
44 Private collector List of copies.[2] Autumn, 2007
46 Private collector List of copies.[2] Autumn, 2007
47 Mount Cuba Astronomical Observatory Greenville, Delaware Original wooden case. Complete.[14] July, 2007
49 National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution Washington DC Rack and pinion focuser.[15] Complete. Mirror requires reconditioning.[15] Out of exhibition. Stored. July, 2018
52 Buffalo Museum of Science Buffalo, New York Rack and pinion focuser. Complete.[16] Reconditioned.[17] July, 2018
53 Private collector List of copies.[2] Autumn, 2007
54 Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, Pennsylvania Unpolluted, no patina. Missing original optics.[18] Photo.[19] December, 2012
Without Number Private collector No numeration assigned by the manufacturer (valued authenticity by manufacturing details).[20] Incomplete. Missing base and optics.[20] Photos.[20] Winning bid of $3,000.[21] August, 2013

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