List of mountains in Iran

This is a list of mountains in the country of Iran.

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Photograph Mountain Height (m) Range
1 Damavand in winter.jpg Mount Damavand 5,610[1] Middle Alborz Mountains
2 AlamKooh.jpg Alam-Kuh 4,850 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
3 Mount Sabalan in July 2006 Sabalan 4,811 Lesser Caucasus Mountains
North Khersan 4,680 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
South Khersan 4,659 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Takht-e-Soleiman summit.jpg Mount Takht-e Suleyman 4,659 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Siahsang 4,604 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Haft khan 4,537 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Chaloon 4,516 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
South Siahgook 4,500 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Hazaran 4,500 Zagros Mountains
Siah-Kaman summit.jpg Siah-Kaman 4,472 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Shaneh-Kuh 4,465 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
North Siahgook 4,445 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Kaloo 4,412 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Dena1.jpg Dena 4,409 Zagros Mountains
Gardoon kuh 4,402 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Kuh-e Shah (The King mountain) - Kerman - Iran Kuh-e Shah (Lalehzar) 4,384 Zagros Mountains
Kholeno 4,375 Middle Alborz Mountains
Azadkuh (4,375 m) Azad Kuh 4,375 Middle Alborz Mountains
Paloon Gardan 4,375 Middle Alborz Mountains
Nazer 4,350 Middle Alborz Mountains
Mian-Seh-Chal summit.jpg Mian-Seh-Chal 4,348 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Lashgarak 4,256 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Sialan peak and hut.jpg Sialan 4,250 West Alborz Mountains
Palvar 4,229 Zagros Mountains
Kolunchin, the highest peak in Zardkuh mountains. (4,221 m) Zard-Kuh 4,221 Zagros Mountains
Koloon Bastak 4,200 Middle Alborz Mountains
Shah Alborz.JPG Shah Alborz 4,200 West Alborz Mountains
Zarin kuh 4,200 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Khashechal 4,180 West Alborz Mountains
Jupar 4,150 Zagros Mountains
Sarakchal 4,150 Middle Alborz Mountains
Naz 4,108 West Alborz Mountains
Varevasht 4,100 Middle Alborz Mountains
Kharsang 4,100 Middle Alborz Mountains
Shir Kuh 4,050 Zagros Mountains
Kahar (Mountain) 4,050 West Alborz Mountains
Alanehsar 4,050 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Green plain and Oshtoran Kooh.jpg Oshtorankuh 4,050 Zagros Mountains
Shahankuh 4,040 Zagros Mountains
Korma kuh 4,020 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Pasand kuh 4,000 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Siahleiz 3,975 Takht-e Suleyman Mountains
Bel Mountain 3,943 Zagros Mountains
Taftan Volcano.jpg Taftan 3,941 Baluchestan Mountains
Tochal mountains, Tehran (3,933 m) Tochal 3,933 Middle Alborz Mountains
Mehrchal 3,920 Middle Alborz Mountains
Dalankuh 3,915 Zagros Mountains
Shahvar 3,890 East Alborz Mountains
Mount Bahr Aseman 3,886 Sahand-Bazman range
Karkas Kooh.jpg Karkas 3,870 Karkas Mountains
Atash Kuh 3,850 Middle Alborz Mountains
Shah Neshin (Mountain) 3,850 Middle Alborz Mountains
Mount-Sahand.jpg Sahand 3,707 Azerbaijan Mountains
Sataple 3,669 Zagros Mountains
Garrin 3,623 Zagros Mountains
West Alborz Mountains 3,609
Alvand 2007.jpg Alvand Kuh 3,580 Zagros Mountains
Mount Bazman.png Bazman 3,490 Baluchestan Mountains
Paraw Paraw 3,415 central Zagros Mountains
Shaho mountain Shaho 3,390 central Zagros Mountains
Tsikhe 3,350 Zagros Mountains
Qezel Arsalan 3,250 Zagros Mountains
Mt. Binalud view in winter from Bāghrud Road (south of the mountain)(3,211 m) Binalud 3,211 Middle Alborz Mountains
Sharbak 1,694 Middle Alborz Mountains
Birk Mountain 2,740 Baluchistan Mountains


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