Mayors of Paterson, New Jersey

Mayors of Paterson, New Jersey:[1]

Year Mayor Party
1854 John J. Brown Whig
1855 Brant Van Blarcom Democrat
1856 Samuel Smith Democrat
1857-1858 Peregrin Sandford (1796-1884)[2] Democrat
1860-1861 Edwin T. Prall Republican
1862-1865 Henry A. Williams Republican
1866 William G. Watson Democrat
1867 Henry A. Williams Republican
1868 Nathaniel Townsend Democrat
1869-1870 John Ryle (1817–1887) Democrat
1871-1872 Socrates Tuttle Republican
1873-1874 Nathaniel Townsend Democrat
1875-1878 Benjamin Buckley Republican
1879-1880 Joseph R. Graham Democrat
1881-1882 David S. Gillmor Republican
1883-1886 Nathan Barnert (1838-1927) Democrat
1887-1888 Charles Dyer Beckwith (1838-1921)[3] Republican
1889-1890 Nathan Barnert (1838-1927) Democrat
1891-1892 Thomas Beveridge Republican
1893-1896 Christian Braun Democrat
1897-1903 John Hinchliffe Democrat
1904-1905 William Henry Belcher (1851-?) Republican
1905 David Young (Acting Mayor)
1906-1907 John Johnson Democrat
1907 William Berdan (Acting Mayor)
1908-1913 Andrew Francis McBride (1869-?) Democrat
1914-1915 Robert H. Fordyce (1856-1928) Republican
1916-1919 Amos Henry Radcliffe (1870-1950)[4] Republican
1919 Clifford L. Newman (Acting Mayor)
1920-1923 Frank J. Van Noort Democrat
1924-1927 Colin M. McLean Republican
1928 Raymond J. Newman Democrat
1928 Wilmer A. Cadmus (Acting Mayor)
1929-1937 John V. Hinchcliffe Democrat
1938-1939 Bernard L. Stafford Democrat
1940-1947 William P. Furrey Republican
1948-1951 Michael U. DeVita Democrat
1952-1955 Lester F. Titus Republican
1956-1959 Edward J. O'Byrne Democrat
1960 William H. Dillistin (Acting Mayor)
1961-1966 Frank Xavier Graves, Jr. (1923–1990)[5] Democrat
1967-1971 Lawrence Francis Kramer (1934-) Republican
1971-1972 Arthur C. Dwyer (Acting Mayor)
1972-1975 Thomas Rooney Democrat
1975-1982 Lawrence Francis Kramer (1934-) Republican
1982-1990 Frank Xavier Graves, Jr. (1923–1990)[5] Democrat
1990 Anna Lisa Dopirak (Acting Mayor)
1990-1996 William Pascrell, Jr. (born January 25, 1937) Democrat
1997-2002 Martin G. Barnes (March 15, 1948 – December 28, 2012)[6] Republican
2002-2010 Jose "Joey" Torres Democrat
2010- 2014 Jeffery Jones Democrat
2014–2017 Jose "Joey" Torres Democrat
2017-2017 Ruby Cotton (interim mayor) Democrat
2017-2018 Jane Williams-Warren Democrat
2018- Andre Sayegh Democrat


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